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About ATCs for All
About ATCs for All is a community-based website. It's run by members, for members. Our focus is on trading ATCs and other forms of mail art. Everyone 18 years of age and over is welcome to join and all mediums are welcome here. It doesn't matter what your level of art skills are, you'll find a happy home and plenty of people to help you learn the ropes!

Former Affilates of ATCs for All was an exclusive trading group for artists who enjoy and had experience in making and trading drawn/painted, creative, thoughtful and original ATCs or other art. This group was for people who had been drawing for some time and wanted to trade ATCs that exhibit a further stage in artistic development and skill. This trading site was juried.

ArtTrader Magazine was an online zine in PDF format that focused on the mail art world. Their features included interviews and articles about ATCs, art journals, chunky books and much more. Art Trader provided step-by-step walk through articles for the novice to the beginner.

Our Site Sponsors
The following are sponsors to and/or our affiliate sites. These companies have donated prizes or provided us other services and we are greatful to them. Please check them out!
The following companies have donated prizes for the 2016 monthly
ATC Contests:
The following companies donated prizes for the 2014 Monthly ATC Contest:
  • Cat's Life Press
  • Crescent
  • Derwent
  • Global Art Materials
  • Loew Cornell
  • The following companies donated prizes for the 2013 Monthly ATC Contest:
  • Strathmore
  • Liquitex
  • Koh-I-Noor
  • Golden Acrylics
  • Dr. PH Martin
  • Sakura of America
  • Copic
  • B'Sue Boutiques

  • Ten Two Studios: Ten Two Studios: fine products for mixed-media artists, including original books, how-to CDs, collage sheets, ephemera, kits, stickers and more. Owner Lisa Vollrath also offers a monthly digital 'zine called The Monthly Muse, filled with how-to instructions and printable images.