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★ Buddy Card Trading ★


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Jun 15, 2008
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Buddy Cards - 2 player cards, 2 artists
The perfect place for artists who like to collaborate on art.

★HOW TO TRADE... Please Read★

1. Player 1 starts the trade by making 2 cards that are identical (as close as you can get them to be).
2. Player 1 posts these cards to this thread.
• If Player 1 has specific requests for completion, this should be posted in this thread when posting the starter card set.
3. Details to include on the back of both cards by Player 1: AFA; Buddy Cards; Set Name; Username and return address.
4. When Player 2 declares in the thread that they want to work on the cards, it is considered a "trade." Set up this trade by exchanging addresses via PM along with any other details necessary.
5. Please do not mail anything unless both parties have agreed to the trade. These are individual trades only - there is no commitment for future trades.
6. Player 2: is responsible for completing (finishing) both cards.
7. Player 2 should include their details on the back of both cards: Username and return address.
Player 2 posts both cards in the thread to determine who gets which card.
Player 2 keeps one card and sends the second one to Player 1.

Both players should give iTraders to each other when the trade is completed!

There will not be a specific Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Group or a Mixed Media/Collage Group, but you can request either hand drawn or collage when you post pictures of your starter set in the thread.

NO - religious, political, gore, sexual, violence, or other adult (heavily censored) topics unless previously agreed on by both Player 1 and Player 2.

✔ ATCs need to be 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
✔ All cards must be placed inside a clear penny sleeve
✔ Please include the thread name and set name on the cards to prevent confusion.
• Example: "AFA Buddy Cards - Colorful Set."
✘ No loose glitter is allowed since it can get messy for other players.
• You may use a glitter paint such as Stickles, which will not shed glitter or other glittery mediums (glitter pens).
✉ An excellent way to mail sets is in a single row cut from a 9-pocket page. It not only keeps all the cards neat and together; it fits perfectly and stays flat in a legal-size envelope.

* Questions/Concerns *

PM (Private Message) me "(JavaZarf)" Also you can just ask questions in the thread and there is usually someone who can help you out!


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JavaZarf, here are your "Birthday Kitties". Cats are collaged, cakes and party hats are drawn and painted by me. Which would you prefer?
those kitties are both so cute CiCiCreates. I pick the one on the right.
Thank you!
Thank you both. The bunting Java had at the top made me think of the cats’ celebration. I will get the one on the right in the mail to you ASAP.
Robin, I have completed your buddy card starter.
Do you have a preference?

buddy card007.jpg
I have this starter set left over from the old Buddy Card thread.

If anybody wants to work on it, let me know.


I would encourage everyone with unclaimed starters from the old thread to post them in this new thread and hopefully get trading back on track.

JavaZarf, I made the mistake of looking at your profile for ideas for the starter set just before I went to bed. LOL, I stayed awake some time thinking about it. If my hubby wasn't getting up so early this morning I might have gotten back up to work on them. But I know if I had it would probably kept him awake.

I do have a question, your profile mentioned Rats, I do have a really good one in one of my Halloween stamp sets, that I will probably use. But do you also like those cute little house mouse guys? I have a set of them I got several years ago and hardly used. I think the main reason I got them was to make cards for mouseit back when we were doing athons together a lot.
Well now that I have read your question correctly.....
Rats or house mouse are both/either ok with me.
Once again my scanner doesn't like to show pretty shiny things like the Gold trim and Stickles
Robin do you have a preference?
And what about you JavaZarf?
Once again my scanner doesn't like to show pretty shiny things like the Gold trim and Stickles
Robin do you have a preference?
And what about you JavaZarf?

Rats in teacups! These are awesome, so creative. I love the concept, the unusual color palette, and the rats!
they are perfect
it kind of makes it look like they are hiding in a box

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