🕯️The Haunted Gothic Ball 🕯️Due October 12, 2023


Dec 23, 2015
Oakland, FL
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Due Date: October 12, 2023
Withdraw by Date: September 30, 2023
Number of Cards: 3 for 3
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Medium: Open Media

Theme: The Haunted Gothic Ball
We invite you to join us in an eerie and thrilling adventure as we prepare for the secret Haunted Gothic Ball. Here is where spooky tales come to life, and the spirits of haunted characters gather to dance under the moonlight. Embrace your darkest inspirations and design unique Artist Trading Cards that feature the haunting characters you imagine attending our mystifying affair.

The secret Haunted Gothic Ball will be held in a grandiose and ominous mansion that has stood for centuries on the edge of the haunted woods. The mansion's exterior is adorned with intricate, decaying carvings and crumbling stone gargoyles, which watch over the guests as they approach. Inside, the halls are dimly lit by flickering candlelight, casting eerie shadows on the ancient paintings that line the walls. Each room exudes an air of mystery, beckoning guests to explore its secrets. The ballroom, in particular, boasts a magnificent, creaking oak dance floor where the spirits of the past once waltzed.

As the guests arrive, they will be greeted by costumed apparitions who shall guide them through a series of spooky activities. In one chamber, there will be a Tarot Card reader, unraveling the destinies of the living and the undead alike. In another, guests can participate in a "Painting with Spirits" workshop. For the daring souls, there will be a ghost story-telling circle by the flickering hearth, where ghoulish tales from beyond the grave will be shared, sending shivers down the spines of all who listen. The centerpiece of the evening will be the enchanting masquerade ball. Attendees will don elaborate and mysterious costumes, concealing their true identities as they dance with phantoms and specters to hauntingly beautiful melodies.

This is a unique chance for you, the talented artists, to delve into the world of the eerie and the supernatural. Embrace your creativity and bring forth your most hauntingly imaginative designs. We eagerly await your eerie masterpieces to grace our secret Haunted Gothic Ball, where the spirits of the past and the artists of the present converge for a night of otherworldly revelry. Join us as we paint the night with darkness and enchantment, and create an unforgettable event steeped in artistic brilliance and spine-chilling tales. Let your imagination run wild and accept our invitation to this spectral celebration!

  • Send 3 original artist trading cards (measuring 2.5” x 3.5”)
  • A 4th “hostie” artist trading card would be greatly appreciated but is not required
  • Add on the back of each card: your real name, username, date, city/state or country, swap name
  • YES: has atleast one spooky character that is coming to the Haunted Gothic Ball
  • NO: prints, digital, white backgrounds
  • Upon receiving your cards, leave an iTrader for me, your host, and Reputation Points via this thread for the artists of the cards you receive
  • PM me for my address (for those who have it, 404 is correct)
  • Send each card in individual sleeves
  • USA players: include 1 Forever stamp
  • International players: Send $1
  • Include an address label
  • I will provide envelopes
The Invitation List
  1. Bluevioletz
  2. Tillygo
  3. RebeccaG
  4. BlancoLobo
    [*]Collagaint Ashley
    [*]Waffle Gizmo
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Please sign me up. I would love to attend this ball with a few spooky friends. :)
Sooo many ideas! And your wonderful descriptions certainly help! I’m just lurking for now though.
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