5th Library Card Catalog Swap - Due May 26

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Swap Due Date May 26th
Sign up by: May 8h
Withdrawal deadline: none, but must communicate!
Number of Cards ~ 3 for 3, or 6 for 6
Number of Participants – unlimited
Mixed media incorporating Card Catalogs

5th Library card catalog swap.

Hey, so do you remember when you used the card catalog to search for books in the library? Or, you haven’t, but you’re curious? Below is an image of a card catalog.


These cards are pretty sturdy, and I have a bunch of them. This swap is a chance to make mixed media ATCs with old card catalogs. You can collage, tear, use the card as a base to paint, etc. Remember though, if you use it as a base or whatever you do it has to be ATC sized.

You should try to base your art off the topics of the cards you get. However, while this is preferred, it is not required. See the swap requirements for all details, but the special requirement for this swap is that you must be able to tell (even faintly) it came from a card catalog.

So how do you get these lovely card catalogs? If you sign up to play, I'll need you to PM me your address. I'll send you 6-7 cards, you choose the 3 you want to do. The others you can do with as you wish.

Choose your card type -
*Default - as best as I can, I try to match cards with your profile likes. Keep in mind these come from an academic library. There may still be some random cards, but they’ll have a visual element.
*Random - If you ask for random, I’ll just pick 6-7 cards from my large stash of cards.
*Mixed - I can also do ½ default and ½ random

Swap Requirements ~
* All cards must use the card catalog in the art.
* All cards should be standard 3.5” x 2.5”
* An extra card for the host is lovely and I genuinely appreciate it, but is completely optional. Sometimes I only have 3 ideas for a swap, so don't feel bad if you don't include one.
* Make sure cards are well-glued and sealed.
* Use only light embellishments and make sure your cards fit in plastic sleeves.

Mailing Information ~
* Include username, real name, your state/country and the swap name on the back of all cards - and put username and swap name on all envelopes sent.
* US Participants – Please include a clearly written mailing label and stamp. This is what I prefer. If you send a SASE I'll use it, but not my first choice.. An extra stamp would also be nice (for initially sending the cards), but the extra stamp is optional.
* International Participants - Please send a mailing label and I will cover postage for the first three. If you don't want/need postage covered, just give me a heads up.

Late cards past a day or so will be returned.

If you get the cards and decide not to participate, that's fine. I don't want them back. Please keep them to trade with others or for your future art.

When you receive your returns, please leave I-Trader for your swap host and rep points for the artists of the cards you receive. People like to know where their little artworks find home.

Quick key- * means I've mailed out the cards. If your name is blue, you've let me know that you received the cards you will use to make atcs. If your name is in purple, I've received your finished atcs. And if your name is red, you've received your swap cards. If you need to withdraw I’ll just pull your name.

Lots of Example Cards can be found if you search the swap archive for “Library Card Catalog”. I will post a few below and links to past swaps.

1. Nanvan
2. Ancient Planter
3. Allegrae
4. dnewton972
5. leydab
6. Raineyday
7. NancyL
8. jo.on.the.go
9. Spotted Crow
10. HHC
11. Cynthiasillitoe
12. Javazarf
13. Cicicreates
14. IrishRose
15. JanisElain
16. Mrubyjean
17. HollyMay
18. Somnia
19. withdrew
20. zCatLady
21. Elliejaybird
22. withdrew
23. sdowkes
24. catladyBJ
25. Pithier
26. middleearthtraveller
27. Haagmm
28. Betsyg
29. LucyMC *
30. withdrew
31. jessiblack
32. JenURebel
33. LuAnnP
34. Waffle Gizmo
35. withdrew
36. Laffqueen
37. Mushu
38. withdrew
39. Locatray
40. Collagaint Ashley
41. Keith
42. Monroy28
43. Thisismycleverusername
44. DocJ29
45. Tjs
46. TafkaBecky
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Alright! Nanvan, Ancient Planter, Allegrae, dnewton972, leydab, Raineyday, NancyL, jo.on.the.go, Spotted Crow, HHC, and Cynthiasillitoe are all added! Welcome to the swap!

JavaZarf! Hope you join!
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Hey pancake machine, I just noticed the due date is your birthday!
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