Abstract MOOs ~ Due: Sept 23rd

Mail Call: Robin, your moos have been here a while. Guess I forgot to post. NancyL, your moos got here today.
I would like to join. Here are my moos. I had a slew of abstracts that didn't work well as ATCs, but when I cut them down, they worked as moos once I enhanced them a little. So...they will be on the way today. (They really look a little better if you magnify them)

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Mail Call: heymaggie & dnewton972, your moos arrived yesterday.

Welcome aboard jo.on.the.go!
Mail Call: Tafkabecky, yours got here a couple days ago. Mrubyjean & leydab, yours arrived today.
Here are mine. I didn't know what medium I was going to use for this swap until I got NancyL's moos. Her return envie stamp inspired me! I did mine in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. I stared and stared at that stamp and decided that would be a lot of fun to recreate, and it was too!


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All the MOOs are here. If no one new signs up before the 9th, I'll go ahead and swap them out a week early.
Since it appears that we're not going to have any last minute players, I'm moving the swap to active and will swap out today.
All the returns have been mailed. I believe I got i-traders to everyone. If I missed you, let me know. I'd appreciate it if you would remember to give me an i-trader when you get your returns, as well as posting here and giving "you rock"s to those whose moos you received.
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