Abstract Torn Paper-Due Dec 2nd

CynthiaSillitoe, your cards arrived. thanks for the extra card. I'm glad you stuck with this swap.
The Walnut Tree, your cards arrived. Thanks for the extra card. The computer and I are arguing and so I will return later to color in your name.
I will be out of state from this afternoon until sunday. going to watch a grandaughter play soccer.
Asher, your cards came today! Thanks for the extra torn paper card AND thanks very much for the HD cards for THE HOLE.
I love HD anything as I am unable to do this.
The cards are swapped, and most will go in the mail today. There is one person who has not yet sent a mailing address label and a stamp. I will keep those until I receive postage and that label.
I received really spectacular cards for this. Thanks to NancyL for hosting, also to NancyL for a card, and The Walnut Tree and LindyLu for cards!
Thank you for very interesting abstract cards from:
An. M. Sudyka, leydab & Jen Teaches Adaptive Art.

Thank you NancyL for hosting a fun swap.
Thanks for hosting this swap NancyL. Do it again!

And thanks to these creative people:
dithespy - #6
galen911 - Decibilate
laydab - #1
cmcarli - Asian paper with blue tissue
An. M. Sudyka - Brown background with yellow, green, and red
Doc129 - #4 Sunset Swirls
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