ATC Sepia Photo Swap:Abandoned!! Due Friday November 8th


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Aug 7, 2008
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Due Friday November 8th
ATC Sepia Photo Swap:Abandoned!!
Number of cards-3 for 3 or 6 for 6
Number of players-unlimited

This is a NO SIGN-UP swap.

I am intrigued by abandoned things such as buildings, cars, farming equipment, toys, furniture...... How were they used? Who used them? did they last a long time? Or not? what kinds of stories could an abandoned item tell you?

Your job is to photograph either three or six different abandoned items, or only one or two but taken from different angles so your cards will not look alike. Then you have to change the color of your photos to sepia.

From experience, I have figured out that not all photos look that great when you switch their coloring to sepia. You need contrast. And you need to send in great sepia photos of abandoned items.

You do need:
* your cards to be 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches, especially
if your photos are not.
* your cards to be in sleeves
* your user name, location, date, swap title to be on the
backs of your cards
* a large adress label
* loose postage...1 or 2 forever stamps
* your cards either to be in a holder, OR taped w/painters'
tape . Loose dancing cards can escape!

* your photos to be sepia colored

You do NOT need:
* to sign up
* to send envelopes for your returns
* to provide postage if you are an international player

When your sepia photos are ready, send me a PM and I will send you the mailing address.

When I have patience, I will post the cards I have made for this swap.

Who is up for this sepia photo challenge?
1. jonquil
2. DmyTladybug
3. Mouseit
4. RockingBearRanch
5. BArox818
6. 4ahappierme
7. Rosa
8. Suzyq
9. Betsyg
10. me
11. missmegm
12. spineofafish
13. LauraB
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I hope you both make cards. Corrie04. I loved my sepia returns with your fairly recent sepia photo swap.
Does this one work - it was an abandoned car we discovered in the bush on a walk

Yes, Jonquil, that car does work. It looks awesome.

Maybe later today I will matt my cards and post them. It is always such an effort to get the card into my gallery and then onto a swap thread. However, msot of the time I am successful.
I (stupidly) assumed that "Abandoned" meant that you had thrown in the towel on the swap and given it up entirely!! So glad that isn't true! Hate to be non committal, but I will have to lurk for the present and see if I can get a good few of the other 25 or so of the swaps I am already in done and dusted. Really great theme, sad to have missed the one before from corrie04!
I was on my way home this morning and saw the creepiest abandoned house. You know I turned the car around, got out, and took pics. It was very eerie, even at 8am.
I understand completely.
There is an abandoned house with the porch hanging off which we pass on the way to physical therapy. Finally I remembered my camera and I hopped out with my cane to photograph it.
Sorry, but I think that would be a whole different swap. I think this swap has just got to be abandoned things.
Omg--driving today I found an old abandoned gas station with funky gas pumps and all. I need to look again, but I think when they left it the gas was set at $1.59/gallon. I also found an appliance graveyard.
You're making me pay more attention to my surroundings. lol
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