ATC size gift tag swap Handdrawn/HandPainted Due Jan.6,2023


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ATC size Gift Tag Swap~Due: January 6, 2023
Hand drawn~Hand-painted

Whimsical animals in scarfs gift tags
Sign up by: Dec. 12
Number of items: 3 for 3

For this swap, create 3 whimsical animals in colorfully designed scarfs

The due date is January 6, 2023

ATC size gift tags swap. Simply done by using watercolor 140 lb paper cut to ATC size 2.5" x 3.5". Lightly Snip the corners off and add a punched hole at the top then create your design. To keep these significantly light on postal fees please do not add any threads, yarn or string to the punched hole. The receiver can do that.
Please keep the back basically blank but in a small corner add your username.

Your subjects will be whimsical animals in colorful scarfs. Anything else you add like hats or mittens is up to you. Please add color to your edges as well.

* US players should send a large address label and one US Forever stamp.
I will provide envelopes

* International players should send $1 US or 1 US International postage stamp.

* Please share your creations in this thread if possible. We all love eye candy for inspiration!

Who wants to play?

1. Pamitha-received
2. The Walnut Tree-received
3. Theweavershand-received
4. Globug-received
5. Zhouzhou-received
6. CiCiCreates-received
7. goatgoddess-received

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Awwww! Sooo cute theme!!!!
Thanks, thank you soooo much for the invite!!!!
But lurking for now...December seems to be really chaotic for me....
Love, love, LOVE this swap theme! I'm coming into some busy weeks, so let me see if I can make some cozy critters before I join in. I'm a lurkey turkey for now. :D
Oh, I'm not going anywhere. I'm lurking directly from the thread, ha!

BTW: Your example cards are the bee's knees. :swoon:
I so appreciate the invite! Right now I can’t make a stress-free commitment, but I am lurking impatiently. Maybe I will snip some corners and make some holes to remind me when the time is right!
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