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Blackbird Singing ATC Swap - Open Media - Due Sept 22, 2023


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Swap Due Date – Sept 22, 2023
Signup/withdraw date – Sept 8 2023 (2 weeks prior to due date)
Number of Cards - 3 for 3
Number of participants - 25
Media - Open media. No white edged stickers. No digital or prints. No heavy or thick embellishments.

Blackbird Singing ATC Swap!

Your card must include a blackbird or blackbirds and some type of music or musical instrument. That’s pretty much it! The rest is up to your imagination.


Examples from my collection:
Cindy Trobaugh

Basic Rules
* All cards must be standard 3.5” x 2.5” and must be sturdy enough to earn the name "card".
* Cards may be similar, however please make each card unique to itself
* Send in work you would be happy to receive, created with thought and care.
* On Back - please include swap name; username; your real name and location.
* Send your cards in individual protective sleeves.
* Keep embellishments to a minimum. Thinner cards are desired. If you have thick cards, send extra postage for each card.

* PLEASE allow plenty of mailing time! I’m an on time hostess and late cards will be returned to sender.

* If you need to drop out; just let me know. No cards and no communication is very bad karma and will also result in a neutral i-trader!

Note that this is 3 for 3 only. An extra card for the host is never required, although always appreciated.

US Participants: Please include a SASE - Self Addressed envelope with a Forever Stamp (currently .66 cents). And please INCLUDE YOUR USER NAME AND SWAP NAME ON YOUR ENVELOPE!

International Participants: Please send your address on a self-stick mailing label (clearly written, please) and include your username. I will provide the envelope. Please include a well hidden $1.00 US Dollar or a US Global Forever Stamp. Please mail early - 3 to 4 weeks is recommended.

Please PM me for my address when you are ready to mail your cards. If you’ve traded with me recently, I’m still at Brownsville Place.

Posting in the thread when your cards are mailed helps me keep track. And please consider posting your lovely completed art for everyone to see. It’s so fun to see what others are creating!

When you receive your returns, please leave I-Trader for your swap host (me) and Rep Points/You Rocks for the artists of the cards you receive. It's polite to let folks know where their art now lives.

Who wants to play?

1. Suzi - Received
2. CynthiaSillitoe - Received
3. Tillygo - Received
4. locatray - Received
5. Elliejaybird - Received
6. ferretgirl - WITHDRAWN
7. SpottedCrow - Received
8. NancyL - Received
9. joellie - Received
10. KeriandtheFlock - Received
11. miss - Received
12. Evalila - Received
13. dina54 - Received
14. Tafkabecky - Received
15. Donnacr - Received
16. Ellf - Received
17. middleearthtraveller - Received
18. wildholly - Received
19. goatgoddess - Received
20. mrubyjean - Received
21. Rachml - Received
22. RaineyDay - Received
23. jezebelle WITHDRAWN
24. Pamitha - Received
25. leydab - Received

Wait List:
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I recently came across the story of Blackbird Singing by Paul McCartney, which I knew but hadn't heard in some time. It inspired me to host this swap again:
Paul McCartney was visiting America. He was sitting, resting, when he heard a woman screaming. He looked up to see a Black woman being surrounded by the police. The police had her handcuffed, and were beating her. He found out that "the crime" she committed was to sit in a section reserved for whites. Paul was shocked as there was no segregation in England. But, here in America, the land of freedom, this is how Blacks were being treated. McCartney and the Beatles went back home to England, but he would remember what he saw, how he felt, the unfairness of it all. He also remembered watching television and following the news in America, the race riots and what was happening in Little Rock, Arkansas, and what was going on in the Civil Rights movement. He saw the picture of 15-year-old Elizabeth Eckford attempt to attend classes at Little Rock Central High School as an angry mob followed her, yelling obscenities. McCartney couldn't believe this was happening in America. He thought of these women being mistreated, simply because of the color of their skin and sat down and started writing. He had in mind a Black woman, but in England, "girls" were referred to as "birds." And, so the song started:

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting
for this moment to arise."
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