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Blackbird Singing ATC Swap - Open Media - Due Sept 22, 2023

Finally got mine done :) thanks so much for hosting such a fun swap.


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My cards went in the mail a couple days ago, forgot to let you know when they went out. Thanks again for hosting!
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Mail Call! Rachml, your blackbirds have joined the flock! Thanks for the extra card and the extra postage. :)
I have worked and worked and worked on my cards for this swap, including most of today. But I am just not thrilled with anything I have created. I must withdraw.
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Mail Call! Goatgoddess, your awesome blackbirds have arrived. Thanks for the extra card and the extra stamps. :)
An more mail! CynthiaSillitoe your blackbirds have also flown in to join in the singing. Thanks for the extra card!

So many blackbirds! Have I mentioned it's getting loud in here? :)
We're just over a week away from the due date. Cards need to be in the mail soon, as our mail is still a bit sketchy!
Sad I missed this swap! There are some beautiful cards here!
I got a couple made and that was as far as I got. And I had some paper that was perfect. Well I'll finish them and put them in my gallery.
No cards arrived in todays mail. :( I'll wait through tomorrow's mail (fingers crossed!!!), swap on Sunday and have them in the mail on Monday.
Cards have been swapped and are on the way to all you blackbird lovers! Thanks for playing everyone. The art in this swap was outstanding. :)
Looking forward to returns for this swap in particular!
TY for hosting. Really great theme to arrive in the early fall.
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