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Continuous Random Round Robins - 14

My forwarding hasn’t taken effect yet. The current list has my correct address on Fillmore St.
Hello CRRR folks! Just a gentle reminder to please remember to check players likes/dislikes. I have received several sets lately of themes that I don't generally collect. Thanks!
update sent for homers only list

carol, HushedKitty, kentuckydakota, and LucyMc did not get it.

I may not be able to look here the rest of the week to often so I will be slow to respond.
Just letting you all know that I am working on cards today so expect lots from me as well as a few starters and iTraders. Much love <3
Just letting you all know I'm in a bit of a slump creatively. I will get these cards going again, even if I just pass on. Hubby is deployed and that always really gets me feeling down. Hopefully all the crafty retail therapy I've done will get me going again!
I think we all go through non-creative periods, Crafty. I get them for months at a time. When that happens I watch creative videos or shows, go out and look at other's art, take walks in nature, and don't beat myself up that I'm not creating. When you're ready your muse will return. :)
Want to let you all know I will be around but not here much for the next week.

Will be with family so not much me time with the computer.

If anyone has questions I know you will all take care of each other.

I will check in when I can.
I finally got some crrrs done so going out in the mail tomorrow are envelopes to mrubyjean, Asher, Allegrae, sweetgypsy, and one with homers for Karr3ll.
Haven't been able to get onto the site for a while. Finally got in. I'll be mailing envelopes out this week.
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