Fantastical Butterflies Part 2- handdrawn/handpainted - Due May 17

Glad to know the cards are arriving, I have heard back from Luk, Robin, 14CarrotGold and JT above so hopefully the rest of you will receive your returns soon.
I received my cards while I was away on vacation. But I'm caught up now - reps and feedback have been passed out.
Thanks for hosting flashviv. It was nice to continue the collection.
And thanks to these artists:
14CarroGold - Happi withme
Pixxi88 - Promfly
CiCiCreates - Renee Elegnte
jtpaints - Lepidoptera chiroptera
Looks like all the cards have made it home. Thanks for being fabulous artists and participants. All your energy made this swap was a lot of fun.

I will ask admin to archive this thread now.
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