Ghosts Among Us, Due October 11, 2022

Aaand.... Here the first two!
The Barghest, a funny guy I like a lot... and which sometime is described a a black dog and sometime as a ghostly one,

And something more quiet and (maybe) peacefull...

Sincerely hope they will work!
Ah! I thought to add touches of phosporescent acrilyc paint, so both (and also the other will) glow in the dark.... ^^
Can not draw a ghost and avoid the use of glow in the dark paint!

I'm sooo curious to see what will jump out from this swap!!! Sounds soooo funny!
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Great cards, AndromedasWitchery.
Barghest is beautifully renddered.
LOVE the shading on the castle stones background in the second one.
Thank you so much for posting such AWESOME inspiration.
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Awww! Thanks, thank you so much: you're really kind!
Thank you too for such intriguing swap!
Brainstorming for other ideas... ;)
Awww, Ancient Planter, you're incredibly kind!!!
I'm sincerely happy for your words, and sooooo glad you like how they turned out!!!!!
Anyone having any ghostly visitations as our weather changes?
Storms and Thunder Boomers often call in visitors.

Unfortunatly nothing.... no visitors and also no storms... here there is drought since months... just one or two raindrop which only creates sultriness...
Finished also the third card about ghosts!
Looooot of fun!!!!! Expecially cause I LOVE Hodgson's literatures and tales about sea!

Also this has the glow in the dark finiture...;)
Wow, AW, this ghostly galleon is epically awesome!
Thank you incredibly soooo much!
I adore galleons and ancient ships, so... I ABSOLUTLY must draw something ghostly! :jiggy:;)
And thank you again! You're always incredibly kind!!!
LOVE the glow on your ghostly galleon, AndromedasWitchery.
It actually shows up in your scan, which is unusual!
LOVE the glow on your ghostly galleon, AndromedasWitchery.
It actually shows up in your scan, which is unusual!

Awwww! Thank you sooooo much! Admit that the glow was a real challenge, but I'm happy with how it turned out!!!
Thanks, thank you again!
Here my last card for the Ghosts Swap!
Something quiet...

I always try to paint a unicorn when possible... and ancient ruins looked a good place for meet them, I think!;)
Wonderful card, beautiful ghost unicorn! And I LOVE the ruins!
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