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Going Batty (Open Media) -- Due Oct. 14, 2023

My bats have started their flight over the waters to you.
Scan2023-09-16_173247.jpg I don't think that my scanner liked the glow-in-the-dark moon behind the bat - he is not striped in real life
Scan2023-09-16_173335.jpg Scan2023-09-16_173437.jpg

We used to have big colonies of bats flying over us most nights but, for the last couple of years, their numbers have drastically reduced - to the stage where it is more usual to see singles and pairs instead of groups. :(
Wonderful bats, Donna! I look forward to receiving them.
Awesome card Donna, love the one with the flock of bats!
mybrokenart, your glorious bats have arrived! Thanks for the host card and extra postage!
Forgot to post my bats, so here they areIMG_20230920_191457_(800_x_800_pixel).jpg
BlancoLobo and RaineyDay, your bat-tastic cards have arrived! Thanks so much for the host cards!
I'd like to sign up. I have three cards complete and will hopefully have a fourth soon.
Allegrae, Thank you for letting me know my bats landed at your place!

Gone postal. Ink (Pigma Micron and white/colored Gelly Roll Moonlight with some metallic on the one flying bat) on Strathmore 184 lb mixed media toned paper. First time working on this paper - looks a bit like cereal box paper, but it's quite nice, very thick and acid free.
Gorgeous bats, jtpaints!
Mail call! jtpaints and Donnacr, your amazing bats have arrived! Thanks so much for the host cards!
Thanks for letting me know, catladybj.

All cards are in! Will swap in the next few days and send returns on their way. Thanks, everyone, for playing. The art has been amazing!
Interesting bat story: I am currently visiting Portugal and yesterday we saw the oldest library in the country. They allow bats to fly in the library to catch any insects before the insects have a chance to infest the ancient books. At night the tables are covered with tarps so bat guano won’t ruin the wood and the floors are swept daily to pick up any guano that falls on the floor.
That's amazing, jo.on.the.go! I think the librarians at my local branch would run screaming from the building.
Wow! Although I can't get YOU ROCK to work, I can tell you I wish I were there with you! I've never been to Portugal but our grandson is currently with a friend at a villa in Spain for a month. The library story is a good one. Bats are interesting, too! Safe travels, Jo!!!
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