Greek and Aegean Civilizations before 300 AD/CE - Due March 16th

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Swap Due Date: Due March 16th, 2023
Signup/Withdraw Date: Signup by March 9th, open withdraw but communication helps
Number of ATCs: 3 for 3
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Medium: All media

This is a chance to explore the art and culture of Classical Greek civilizations and/or those of the Aegean Sea. This includes the Minoan civilization, Cycladic Art, and Mycenaean Greece as the more ancient period, then into the classical period of Greek History. 300 AD is a bit arbitrary as an end date, but it is a round number that is just about 30 years after the Temple of Olympian Zeus is sacked by barbarians.

This is an open media swap to all aspects of ancient Greek and Aegean civilization. Architecture, Greek gods, Homeric tales, friezes, and vase design are just a few examples of the wondrous civilizations from this period. You are open to showing how things look today, or visualize how it looked. You’re also open to various styles as you interpret this swap. You can portray art from the period using traditional forms, or if you wanted to do an anime style Hera, that would be fine too. If you are uncertain, please ask.

Met Museum
Greece: Google Arts and Culture

My card examples take a classic approach.

1_20221217_142146_copy_705x986.jpg 1_20221217_142226_copy_685x936.jpg 1_20221223_234205_copy_818x1134.jpg

Swap Requirements ~
1. Each card must feature something from ancient Greece or an Aegean civilization, though you can use modern interpretations/art forms.
2. All cards should be standard 3.5” x 2.5”
3. This swap is 3 for 3. An extra card for the host is lovely and I genuinely appreciate it, but it is completely optional. Sometimes I only have 3 ideas for a swap, so don't feel bad if you don't have time or can't come up with a 4th card.

Other stuff

Mailing Information ~
* Include username, real name, your state/country and the swap name on the back of all cards - and put username and swap name on all envelopes sent.
* US Participants – Please include a clearly written mailing label and stamp. This is what I prefer. If you send a SASE I'll use it, but not my first choice.
* International Participants - Please send a mailing label and I will cover postage. Again, I'll take an envelope, but not my first choice.
*Late cards past a day or so will be returned.

*When you receive your returns, please leave I-Trader for your swap host and rep points for the artists of the cards you receive. Also, in your rep points, naming which card you received is nice, since people like to know where their artworks end up.

1. Elliejaybird - complete!
2. jo.on.the.go - complete!
3. Leydab - complete!
4. EatSleepWriteABook - received!
5. Huddlestonemollie - complete!
6. Laffqueen- complete!
7. TSMarie - complete!
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Pancake machine!!!!
I've been waiting for eons for you to host a swap.
So of course I'm in....
Wait, maybe I should read what it's about, but no!!!
I'm in no matter what.
Sign me up.
I try not to sign up ahead of making cards, but I know I want to join this. When I was in Athens I visited the small gallery of Cycladic Art. It wasn’t a big museum, but I went through it from start to finish about three times - I just couldn’t get too much of those mesmerizing statues. I hope I can do them justice.
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Hey Jo - thought you might hop in on this swap! Yeah, the Cycladic art is so interesting. I love the rounded figures, so cool!
Hello! I'm Greek (and from an Aegean island, ancestrally!) and would love to participate.

I've been away from ATCsforall for over a year so this will be a great way to ease my way back to doing swaps. Please sign me up.

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I had a bit of a tricky time naming this swap. Part of me thought to call it "Sprint like a Greek," as a nod to both the Olympics and Dithespy's "Walk like an Egyptian" swap going on currently. I had thought too about Ancient Greece, or just Classical Greece, but both of those are specific periods and leave out the Aegean civilizations.

My examples are all ancient and I think 2 of the 3 are Aegean. Hope to see more of the ancient art, but also the Greek gods, frieze images, animal representations, etc. Lots of fun stuff!
Hi Pancake Machine! I'm lurking right now but I do have a question. This might seem strange considering the theme, but is there room for whimsy in this swap? I've had a couple of ideas pop into my head that would definitely depict the period but have a more humorous/whimsical spin. Would those work for this swap? Thanks!
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Fair question! I generally try to give folks quite a bit of latitude within a swap theme. You never know what fun and interesting cards will come from it. So I am good with whimsy.
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“For a friend with an understanding heart is worth no less than a brother” - Homer's The Odyssey. This swap includes all of the pantheon of Greek gods, as well as other creatures great and small. From the cyclops to the nymphs.
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