Greek and Aegean Civilizations before 300 AD/CE - Due March 16th

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BTW I have been to Akrotiri before they put up the barriers to tourists. It was fascinating
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Just thinking about Sophocles today- I think some Greek chorus cards would be cool! Or Antigone, or any images from the great classic Greek plays.
Greek and Aegean Civilizations

Hi pancake machine!

My cards went in the mail today. Here they are:

KG8A0097 copy.jpg (Aristotle)

KG8A0098 copy.jpg (Funerary Mask)

KG8A0099 copy.jpg (Anaximander (Pioneer Cartographer)

KG8A0100 copy.jpg (Bronze Hydria (water jar))

Loved this swap and really learned a lot!
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Hey there cool cats! A little under a month before this swap ends, so there is still time to make ancient Greek art!
Got my first two done! Unfortunately, I had to return my brand new printer because it was printing streaky so now I have to wait until next weekend to get my new one and to finish my cards.
Greek and Aegean - Minoan Snake Goddess.jpgGreek and Aegean - Painted Sphinx.jpg
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