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Halloween YES! A moveable, Paper~doll Swap - Due on Friday, Oct 13th


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Mar 21, 2010
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Due date: Friday, Oct 13th
Sign up/withdraw: no deadline, just communicate
Number of art pieces: 3/3
Number of players: unlimited
Trick or treat fun~ Join in and have a witch's Ball!
Simple Rules to Swap:

Almost anything goes~ Halloween Theme: Gothic, vintage, spellbinding, dark but not gore. Antlers, flying things, potion bottles with wings, spirits in the night. Run with this, and get crazy creative. Non-traditional encouraged. Odd and curious-yes!
Be super creative, and come up with off-the-wall spirits of the night.
Open Media: Hand-drawn or painted, collage, mixed media, altered images, old photos that are altered with hats n wings even. Change it up, make it unique, fun, dark, or crazy.
Size: Keep each paper doll around 3”x4” when folded in, or about 5”x6” when folded out-give or take. Dangly things are not required. But you must use some small brads to make the wings work or the head or whatever to move a bit. Please use at least 2-4 small brads.
Nothing flimsy make sure it's sturdy and moveable.
On the back add your username/+ real name and state/country.
Tissue wrap or cello each piece individually and pack in a bubble envelope, which I will re-use to send your returns. Include your mailing address in or on the package, as I’ll need it to create your return label.
Postage: Please include the same amount of postage in $US dollars/PayPal that it takes to mail the art to me. Most likely, the art will need to be sent package rate. I highly recommend sending your art with tracking information. I like using pirate ship for postage-packages..cost less.
Quality: No rush jobs! It’s evident when you spend time on something and do your best.
Show and tell: Please upload photos of your creations in the thread. That’s one of the best parts! No Hosty gifts, please! I would rather see your most wonderful art which includes your time and effort...One less is less postage as well. I honor that!
Please leave Rep Points and iTrader: Rep/iTraders are a way to thank players and your host for all the time, energy, and effort that goes into art trading. It’s rude not to! While these are considered optional, if you are unable or unwilling to leave these pieces of feedback, I kindly ask that you don’t join in the swap.

whooooo's ready to stir up some haunts?

1. catladybj-RECEIVED
2. CiCicreates-RECEIVED
3. Bluevioletz-RECEIVED
4. Nanner-RECEIVED
5. Makitso-withdrew
6. Autumnleavz_artist-RECEIVED
7. Pamitha-RECEIVED
8. RebeccaG-RECEIVED
10 Leydab-RECEIVED
11 BiancoLobo-RECEIVED
12 Wildholly-RECEIVED
13 Rosecake-RECEIVED
14 Loveless-RECEIVED
15 Bluesky-RECEIVED

Here's a Bat example from Art_junkie for size ideas :


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I simply must! My masked Muse is urging me none too gently to sign up! I can’t promise to honor your request for no host gifts, though I do appreciate it very much - we shall see!
thrills n chills to see you both here. CiCicreates and Bluevioletz! The party has begun!
You had me at "Halloween." Add me, please! :D
Oh, I am excited about this! I can hardly wait to find out what I will make! I haven't made a paper doll in quite a long time but I adore doing it! Please deal me in, Wildholly!
Hi Pamitha and thank you for joining. I'll add you now. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves!
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