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Halloween YES! A moveable, Paper~doll Swap - Due on Friday, Oct 13th

The first White Rabbit did not pass muster, so he’s gone. Here’s (Somewhat) Wicked White Rabbit, take 2.


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Wildholly, I just joined and now I must unjoin. I just am not happy with any of my attempts. My brain goes in one direction and my results are in another. Next time, though!
Here is my last one:


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So, maybe I'm the last one to notice that our DEADline for the swap is on Friday the 13th. Nice touch! :laugh:
Holly, I just mailed my paperdolls. You are supposed to have them by Wednesday, September 4th. Here’s hoping, I did get tracking.
Thank you CiCi, tracking is good...Maybe October 4 or 5th?
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Mail call: Esew your creepi-luscious paperdolls have arrived. Thank you for the hosty.
Thank you for the update Rosecake, I will let you know when they arrive.

Just a heads-up reminder- Dolls are due here on Friday the 13th. I hope luck will bring them all here beforehand.
Holly, you may not have them “in hand” yet, but my tracking says my paperdolls were delivered yesterday.
Hi CiCi, I received your paper dolls today. Tracking was wrong.

They are wonderful works of art and thank you for the gifties too.
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