Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Summer Fruits & Veggies - Due Aug 1, 2024

Swap Due Date - Aug 1, 2024
Signup/withdraw date - July 15, 2024
Number of Cards - 3 for 3
Number of participants - 20
Medium: Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Only

Summer is right around the corner and already our local farmers markets have fresh produce! One of my favorite times of year - seeing the piles of glossy peppers, bright cherries and tomatoes, mmm home grown peaches, I can't wait!

Draw (pencil, markers, ball points, pastels, charcoal, watercolor pencil) or paint (oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache) a set of cards inspired by fresh fruits and veggies!! 5 servings a day:) All styles welcome - realistic, impressionistic, kawaii, pop art, etc. All elements must be hand drawn or hand painted.

Card Guidelines:
1. Cards must be ATC standard size (2.5 x 3.5 inches.) and sturdy
2. Cards must be original and unique. No re-swapped cards, no commercially printed or reprinted cards or cards you have sent for prior swaps. All three cards for this swap may be identical.
3. Cards must be in sent in individual plastic sleeves but can be placed in a pocket page strip for mailing
4. NO embellishments, please send your very best work.
5. Label the back of your cards with this swap name, your username, your real name, date, and location.

Mailing Guidelines: (PM for address)

1. Mail cards in a business sized envelope with appropriate postage. Postage due envelopes will be returned to sender.
2. US Participants - include a large return address label and (1) USPS First Class Stamp. Do not send envelopes!
3. Global Participants - include a large return address label and either (1) U.S. Global Forever stamp or $1 USD, no envelopes needed.
4. When you are ready to mail your cards, please message me for my address.
5. Late cards will be returned to sender.

* iTrader points posted when cards are rec'd. Please leave iTrader for me when you receive your returns and Reputation/You Rock for your senders.
* No cards or no communication will result in neutral iTrader. You may withdraw any time before the due date.
*A host card would be much appreciated but not required.

1. Vidas
2. Leydab - rec'd
3. Mybrokenart
4. LuK
5. 14carrotgold - rec'd
6. Tilleygo
7. TheWalnutTree
8. PIxxi88 - rec'd
9. ShellyR
10. Dvart
11. Ruthe
12. Evalila

That's all folks!
Please Please Please!!! Count me in for this swap!
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