Handmade Postage Stamps - Mixed Media - Due July 16, 2023


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Apr 4, 2019
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Swap Date: July 16, 2023
Signup/Withdraw Date: Anytime, but please communicate
Number of ATCs: 3 for 3
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Medium: Mixed Media

For this swap, you will create ATC cards that contain at least one Handmade Postage Stamp.

I love going through the philatelia magazines and imagine what goes into designing a postage stamp set. So I thought this could be a great opportunity to create our own set of stamps. Dust off your fancy cut scissors with the wavy edge or maybe you have some paper dies in the shape of a postage stamp, it doesn't matter how you cut the edges or how big you decide your postage stamp to be. The stamps can be vintage, modern, abstract, about animals, plants, commemorating a holiday or a person. The choices are all yours to decide as long as there is at least one handmade, designed by you, postage stamp in your ATC.

• Make sure your cards are made out of sturdy material and are 2.5" x 3.5"

• Please sign up by posting to this thread.

• Include your Username, swap name, your location, and the date on the back of each card.

• Each card should be sent in an individual clear protective sleeve.

• A hostess card is not necessary, but if you decide to send me one, I will treasure it.

• If you need to withdraw, please just let me know.

• When you are ready to mail your cards: send me a PM for my address. I haven't moved so if you have my address from previous swaps, it is still the same.

• Please include a large address label or a piece of paper with your address as well as enough postage to cover your returns. I will provide the return envelope. International participants: I will cover your return postage.

• Please add your user name and swap name in the back of your mailing envelope

• DUE DATE: July16 is the last day I will accept cards. I will swap that night and mail the returns the next day.

• As I receive your cards, I will post received by your name on the thread. I'll give ITraders the swap day.

• When you receive your returns, don't forget to give ITrader points to your host and YouRock to your fellow artists.

0.- Leydab
1.- CynthiaSillitoe
2.- Asher
3.- SmallGirl
4.- Nanvan - Withdrew
5.- RaineyDay
6.- flowergurl4eva
7.- BrinierKestrel
8.- Makitso - Withdrew
9.- Lalka
10.- JenUrebel
11.- NancyL - Withdrew
12.- AmySi
13.- DonnaCr
14.- Sunderance - Withdrew
15.- DNewton972
16.- Mybrokenart

- Somnia
- Evalila
- Jo.on.the.go
- TrinaLD
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Please sign me up. I love making faux postage and then never really know what to do with them. This will be a fun use of my pretend postage.
Lalka and JenUrebel.
Cannot wait to see what you guys come up with for this swap.
Lurking.... I haven't done this before, made an original postage stamp. but you did mention abstract as an option. So I will think about this.
Lurking here as well. Sounds really interesting. I have a question, though. Will the entire ATC card be the postage stamp? That's what I'm thinking and want to make sure I'm correct. I love this idea and have also been thinking about postage stamp designs.
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