Holiday's Handmade Postage Stamps - Due Date December 10

Ok, mailing tomorrow.


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Mail call:
your lovely faux stamps are here. I love all of them!
Swap is completed and the returns went in the mail today.
Thank you for participating!
Happy Holidays to All!
Mine are here! Thanks to leydab, both for hosting and for one of my cards, and thanks to donnacr and mybrokenart for my other wonderful cards. This was such a fun swap!
Mine have arrived, thank you Leydab for the lovely swap. And thanks to CynthiaSillitoe, Raineyday and Pamitha for there cute cards!!
My stunning returns arrived on January 10, just as we were leaving for a trip to visit family in Victoria. We are now back and I want to thank: CynthiaSillitoe, ELLF and Tillygo for amazing creations and our Host for a great swap.

off ot leave points for all
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