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How to Give Rep Easily


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Feb 18, 2008
Niagara Ontario Canada
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1. Post to the Swap that you have received your returns and thank the artists, as usual. This will bump your swap up to the first place in the Index (list of threads).

2. Go to the Active Mail Art Swaps Index (the list of threads) and find the swap for which you want to leave feedback. Do not click on the swap name; instead, click on the NUMBER of replies, shown as a hotlink to the right of the swap.

3. This will bring up a popup window with everyone's name on it who has posted to the swap thread.

4. Find your trading partner's name and click on the number beside it. This will bring up a window showing their posts. Click on one, then click the You Rock button to leave rep. Note: By using a RIGHT-click on the number, you can open the posts in another tab. This way, you will be able to close that window without losing the Who Posted? window with everyone's name in it.
I'll look into it for you, Paperscraps! I use the right-click (open in a new tab) a lot; that way if the window closes, I can go back to the former window.
I'll try this next time. My method has been to go through the messages until I find the name of a person I received from, leave a rep, and then put the art in a done pile.
JEAN!!!!! I love you with all my heart! What a great tip! I always do the same thing as Yellow Den and it's a pain in the tush!!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!
LOL I did it that way too, then I tried going to memberlist and searching, then going to the member's profile, then clicking statistics and see all posts. Made me nuts! You see? I wasn't *always* like this! LOLOL
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