July 2024 Prompts Swap, Due July 25, 2004

Swap Due Date - July 25, 2024
Sign Up Date -July 15, 2024
Withdrawl Date- None, just communicate
Number of Cards - 3/3
Number of participants -unlimited
Medium: any media except exclusively digital or photography


About this swap:
For this swap, you will be creating 3 different ATCs including the 3 prompts below.
*Each of your ATCs should include all 3 prompts.

July 2024 Prompts:
1. The color black. (anywhere, does not have to be background or focal)
2. A punctuation mark. (hand drawn, stamped, from a book, anywhere)
3. A torn edge (paper, used postage stamp, other image, any torn embellishment)

Subject matter is up to you. Have fun!
Please no religious or political ATCs. Thank you.
I will do this swap every month until I see that there is no interest.

Requirements/Guidelines PLEASE READ :-)

*3 different ATCs, MADE WITH LOVE by you. Please make sure to send cards that you would be happy to receive.
*Each ATC should be in their own plastic sleeve
*On the back of your ATCs neatly print (minimum) :Your real name, user name, swap name, your location
*Please NO white backgrounds, NO stickers with white edges
*NO BULKY OR HEAVY EMBELLISHMENTS, they can be fun to use, however they usually arrive damaged and/or the envelope it came in is damaged. Sometimes its ripped so much that the cards are almost falling out. So please, NO BULKY EMBELLISHMENTS. This helps everyone, including the postal workers. Please comment your favorite food emoji if you have read this. Thank you :-)
* 3 1/2"x2 1/2" firm card, not flimsy paper
*ATCs only, no APCs
*A host card is always very much appreciated, but never required.


***** Remember, clearly labeled envelopes arrive faster than embellished envelopes.
You may print your name and the swap name small on the back of the envelope.

U.S Players: Please send one or two forever stamps.

International Players: Please send one global forever stamp, or a well concealed $1 bill (USD)

*Please include a large, neatly printed self-addressed label, or regular white paper (not cardstock or cardboard) with your address neatly written on it.
*PM me for my address. If you have my "807" address, it is still correct.

*It has been taking up to 10 days for US Mail to get to my house. Sometimes longer for international. Please remember this when mailing your cards.

* Feedback will be given to each player when their cards are received by me.
*Please be kind and leave Feedback for me (the host) and Thank the artists who’s cards you receive, here in the thread by “reputation message/points” on a post they’ve made.

Feel free to ask questions here in this thread or by private message (start a conversation)
I check conversations daily. I check this post every 2 or 3 days.

Who wants to play?
  1. Tafkabecky
  2. Leydab
  3. Allegrae
  4. Tillygo
  5. ArtSean329
Please add me
Welcome to the swap, Luk, BetsyG, HeyMaggie, Donnacr, TheFFG, NancyL, Mybrokenart, Locatray, Tillygo, Mossyoaks, and LindaRae ! :-)
Miss, and Mrubyjean, welcome to the swap!

Nanvan, and Luk, your wonderful ATCs arrived today! Thank you for the host cards!
I'm not that put together ... I thought I took photos. I DID take photos, just not enough 😒
I mailed them already.
They all have the same vibe.
omggggggg ..... EDIT.
☠️ all the photos are there. Thumbnails on my end were wonky.
I read 'exclamation' not 'punctuation' - 🙄☠️🤦🏼‍♀️


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