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Leftover Hallo-Weenies! - A Creepy Clearance Swap - Due September 7, 2023


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May 4, 2022
Feedback: 175 / 0 / 0
Swap Due Date: September 7, 2023
Signup/Withdraw by: August 22, 2023 - this swap is now closed to new participants
Number of ATCs: 1 for 1, 2 for 2, or 3 for 3*
Number of Participants: 30
Medium: open media* please read the not-so-fine print

Do you have Leftover Hallo-Weenies?

As preparations for the spooky season begin, and the Halloween swaps trickle in…
I have noticed that there are entirely too many misfit Halloweenies from past seasons haunting our galleries. And maybe there are some Leftovers hiding in the cobwebbed corners of your art space too. These spooky beauties deserve some love! So send me those lingering spirits and I will send some new haunts your way. This is a quick turnaround clearance swap. Since these cards are already made, pack them up and get them to me ASAP. If all cards arrive early, I will swap early. The sooner this swap is completed, the sooner I can post an original spooky season swap for you!

*A note about card quantity -
If you only have one or two Leftover Hallo-Weenies, but you wish to trade 3 for 3, feel free to create a new Halloweenie or two and add it to your misfits.


Media Parameters: (the not-so-fine print)
- Media for this swap is wide open
- Please note that every card submitted for this swap must be an original one-of-a-kind, no copies!
- Handmade prints, photographic and digital cards or components are welcome. But DO NOT repeat or copy cards that you have swapped/traded in the past or plan on replicating for swaps/trades in the future.
- Keep embellishments relatively flat and lightweight, for safe and economical mailing. Cards that are excessively bulky, heavy or pokey are not eligible for this swap. If received, they will be returned to you at YOUR risk and expense.

Craftsmanship Parameters:
- Cards must be sturdy, worthy of being described as a “card” and have tidy edges.
- Make sure your adhesive game is on point, cards with loose/unattached bits will not be accepted.
- Sticky cards will not be accepted.
- Submit only your best work. Please send creative and conscientiously crafted cards, that required time and effort to make, cards that you would want to keep for yourself or be excited to receive and display.
- Please double-check the back of your cards to be sure that your labeling meets the current parameters. Labels must include your username, country/state, and original creation date - include other info as you wish.

Mailing Parameters:
- Personal Message me for my address when you are ready to mail your cards. Please do not make this request in the thread.
- Secure your cards using a tape with a light adhesive, like washi or painter’s tape. Do not use Scotch tape!
- US Participants: Please include a self addressed envelope with a FOREVER Stamp.
- International Participants: Please send a LARGE, clearly-addressed mailing label. Also include one US Global Forever Stamp or a well hidden US $1.00 bill. I will provide your envelope.
- Please allow plenty of mailing time! Be aware that the mails have been inconsistent of late, typical recommended lead times (USA: 2 weeks, INTERNATIONAL: 3-4) may need to be extended.
- Late cards will be returned to sender, regardless of circumstance. There is ZERO leeway on this rule for this swap.

Other stuff:
- Please sign up by posting to this thread.
- You are welcome to share your cards in this thread and comment on those you like.
- An additional host card in the theme of the swap will bring me great joy, but is not required to play.
- Before you mail your cards, please review the media, craftsmanship, and mailing parameters.
- IF a variety of media is submitted to the swap, please expect a variety of media in your returns. I will not be swapping like for like in regard to MEDIA.
- Don’t forget to submit an iTrader for the host (me). I’m still new at hosting, I welcome feedback in either the iTrader comments section or a PM.
- Please, please, please give rocks/reps to the artists who created your returns, AND let them know which card you received.
- Notices of arrival, and thank you notes in the thread are welcome, tho not required.
- Failure to meet the deadline or ANY of the prescribed parameters will result in cards returned to sender, at your expense.

Who has leftovers?

1. Donnacrreceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
2. Laffqueenreceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
3. locatrayreceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
4. chimerixreceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
5. RaineyDayreceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
6. Jo (jo.on.the.go) … received … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
7. wildhollyreceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
8. RebeccaGreceived
9. Suzireceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
10. NYJunkiereceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
11. sheshedoesitreceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
12. catladybjreceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!
13. jezebellereceived … Hallo-Weenies have landed!

The skies are full of bats and broomsticks, the Leftover Hallo-Weenies are on their way to you!
Have yours landed yet?

Thank you all for playing in Leftover Hallo-Weenies!
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Welcome Donnacr, I love that you are first in line to get this party started!
The reply to your PM is imminent, as I know you need every minute of transit time.
Laffqueen, you Halloweenie Queenie, I was hoping you would show up. Welcome!
I'm in if we can make new cards for this swap.
I'm sure I have leftover cards but I am not at all sure of where they are hiding, you know, those safe places that we put things!
I'm in if we can make new cards for this swap.
I'm sure I have leftover cards but I am not at all sure of where they are hiding, you know, those safe places that we put things!

Safe places, LOL, if you find that “safe place” will you look to see if my extra eyeglasses screws are there?

catladybj, I’m not sure if you are asking about some new cards or all new cards…
For this swap I am prioritizing Haloweenies that are already made, and looking for a new house to haunt, you know - Leftovers.
If you don’t have enough leftovers to feed the monster, er, I mean fill out the “3 for 3” swap parameter, “Feel free to create a new Halloweenie and add it to your misfits” per the swap description.

Please let me know if I should sign you up.
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I will give everyone who has Leftovers ample time to join the swap.
If I find we have spots remaining after that, I will consider expanding the swap to include all new Halloweenies as well.
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Welcome locatray! Thank you for joining.
Welcome chimerix! Thank you for joining.
This swap looks like fun but I can't commit until I get enough Halloween ATCs made. For now I'm just lurking.
Thanks for the heads up, jezebelle.:cool:
It’s great to see you NYJunkie, there are plenty of dark corners here to facilitate your lurking pleasure.
I hope the spirits will move you to join us.
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