Leonard's Old Fashion Christmas Card Swap Due Dec 5


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Feb 8, 2009
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Due: December 5, 2022
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Number of Cards: 3/3 or 6/6
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Leonarda’s Old Fashion Christmas Card Swap: Due December 5, 2021

Do you remember before the internet families would swap out Christmas cards every year? You would have an address book just for Christmas cards with "Sent" and Received" check boxes for each year. It was fun to hang the cards up on your mantel or around your door, etc. Some people sent annual update letters that told about important activities (vacations, deaths, kids going to college, awards, etc.) from their prior year.... (Now that I think about it, it was sorta like a Facebook update once a year! lol)

For this swap you will make small Christmas cards to swap with each other. Use card stock cut 3.5"x 5" and fold in half to make the normal ATC sized card. Write something on the inside like you normally would and sign it! And please add your info on the back of the card like always.

Any medium is acceptable, but no bulky or 3D items, please. They can be collage, hand drawn, painted, interactive, etc.

For this swap, you will make 3 or 6 sturdy Christmas card ATCs that open like real cards.
Finished standard size of 2.5" x 3.5" on sturdy card stock.

USA: send a large adhesive address label and one stamp for 3 cards or two stamps for 6 cards.
International enclose 1.00 for postage or 3 US forever stamps for 3 cards or double for 6 cards.

Let’s grow our creativity and think outside the box!

Please do your best work and make your cards unique to your own style.

RaineyDay- arrived!
NancyL- arrived
TrinaLD- arrived!

Chimerix- arrived!
Sheshedoesit- arrived!

CerylS- arrived!
JenTeachesAdaptiveArt- arrived!!

Juju- arrived!
Cmcarli- arrived!
Linda4atc- arrived!
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I cannot see the images.

I missed out on this swap last year (I only started in November, so it was a bit late to join), but I did make an ATC Christmas card for someone and it was so fun, so I think I'd like to join this time, please.
Oh, please do add me to this swap! I still use an address book, address envelopes with real cards inside, and I still hang the few actual cards (plus lots of ATCs) on my mantle, the door, and any place tape will stick and not peel paint away.

Every year I receive a really lovely hand made, usually movable card from a very dear friend as well.

My grandma used to love receiving cards. Her living room would be plastered with them. There's just something so festive about a real card!
I still Christmas cards. the number I receive every year is getting less and less. Most years I design and make our own cards. My husband helps. We usually make about 40.
Im so glad you joined us TrinaLD!

Nancy- I love this!!! Im sure you really brighten your family and friends holidays with those.��
I usualy prefer the a flat atc since I don't have to remove it from the sleeve to get the full effect. But I love this idea of tiny Christmas cards. I will be lurking since I may get busy and forget, but I will be working on a Christmas journal gift and my muse could switch to this swap. :D
I have no idea what is going on with these photos. When I first upload them, the photo shows. The next day, it shows a link instead and no pictures…. I have deleted and re uploaded… I m frustrated.
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