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LIST: Waiting list for moleskine groups


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Mar 30, 2008
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Having just finished my first moleskine group, which I enjoyed immensely I know I would be happy to do another. I don't have the necessary experience to start a group, otherwise I would.

Moleskine exchanges are a long commitment, so do consider carefully whether you really are sure you can commit before signing up. That said, they are also a wonderful journey.

Please read the Book Journal guidelines provided by Rkolig carefully, they are very important.

It is difficult to 'catch' an open group, often it's about folks getting together who know each other and know you are willing.

This waiting list is for posting that you are interested in joining a group.
Information you can add:
Whether you already have a theme idea, this would let others know what they might be letting themselves in for!
Whether you are willing to post international, as this can be expensive.
Whether you are ready now, or need some space before you could begin.

As this is a List Thread, one post only, please. This makes it easier to read and keep track of. You can edit your post to change your information at any time.

Excess chatter will be removed.

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I'll start us off:

1. My theme ideas (there are two since the first may not be acceptable to some)
- Naked women
- Dalmatian dogs
2. I can mail international
3. I would prefer to start after September this year

UPDATE - In Group 9 starting mailing Nov 2010
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I would love to join in on a moleskine group! Add me to this waiting list.
1. My theme is abstract or anything blue.
2. I can also mail international
3. I can start when a group is ready.
1. My theme would be either ROYGBIV (rainbow) or Peacocks
2. I'm willing to mail International
3. I'm available to start anytime (at the moment)
I`d love love to be part of a moley exchange!

1. My theme would be whimsy landscapes, found poetry or women (handdrawn/painted/mixed media if possible)
2. Of course international since I`m in Europe ;-)
3. I can start any time

Please consider me for your next moley exchange. That would make me happy. Thank you. :)
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I'd like to be listed as well. I've got a moley but haven't been able to catch an open group.

Theme? Nothing carved in stone but have a few ideas: Sailing ships, Travel, music, or artist's choice - but with a unifying color scheme. Or something else entirely depending on what the groups up for.

International? Yes, tentatively. I could mail overseas for a few rounds, but probably couldn't afford to do it everytime. So if the travel plan had me sending to the same person everytime, I'd prefer if they were in the USA.

Time? Can start anytime.
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I'm interested in joining a group - start date anytime - ordered my moley and it's on the way.

Sidewalk Scenes; Underwater Worlds; Art inspired by Quotations; Found Poetry

I can do a few international mailings
Just like to put it out there I'm interested in joining another moley group....Open Theme...no problem shipping international....pick me pick me...if anyone is thinking of starting up another one.
I'd do an all watercolor moleskeine group in a minute...but I am not a hosting type!
I am certainly interested and will keep an eye out for the next group to begin. I'm not interested in hosting one, but I would love to participate. Of course I will mail anywhere. I'd choose my theme at that time. Who knows what inspiration will hit when?
1. Fibonacci Sequence/Golden Mean
2. International mailings, yes
3. November 1, 2011
I would also love to be involved
I am also UK so yes to international.
Theme pretty open (but not cute) - however I do like medieval stuff (books of hours), the idea of Janus (looking 2 ways, past future, light dark whatever); labyrinths and mazes.
Dec 1st onwards...
Fingers crossed!!!
I have one finishing up this month, so I'm game for another, and already have my book.
@kristinized - ditto Els. I have a book rotation ending april. I'd love to join, but I think my deco book has to officially end first (?).
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