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LIST: Waiting list for moleskine groups

I would love to join in another art journal or moley swap this year. Just finished with group #22.
Hello! I'd love to be added to the list, I really want to do this! Can the molly be handmade?

Theme: Whimsical, colorful, cute, fantasy, nudes, monsters, gory, horror, creepy, emotional, girls, chubby girls
Willing to mail internationally!
Ready now! Can't wait actually!
I would love to join in on a moleskine group! Add me to this waiting list. I've been away for a bit, but I'm bag in full swing now!
1. I would be happy with any themes; my favorite medium is collage.
2. I can also mail international
3. I can start when a group is ready and I qualify. I'm not a possible host until April 2019.
While I'm waiting, can someone please give me a little more information about the requirements? I know that a moleskine journal is required for the swap, but I can't find any other details:

* How many pages should the journal have?
* Does the binding need to have that soft, leathery feel, or can it be cahiers, hardback, or other?
* Are there any rules about the pages and whether they should be dotted, ruled, or unruled?
* How big should the journal be; 8.5 x 11, 5.5 X 8.25, 3.5 x 5.5...?
Look for moleskin Japanese fold....thirty pages unfoldef each page 5.5 tall by 3.5 wide. I usually buy mine on eBay.
Just checked back here and realized I didn’t give very much information. I have several theme possibilities I would be choosing from: “Elegant Afternoon Tea”; “Fairy Dwellings”; “Inside the Garden Gate”; “Little Red Schoolhouse”. I could mail internationally and could begin anytime.
I am always interested in joining another moley swap - not really in the 'market' to host another one after having done so in 2014, 2016 and 2019. Would like to be a player for a change... Prefer HD/HP art but an occasional collage of good quality will be appreciated too. Themes a plenty - will come up with one as soon as there is a group I can join. Being in the Netherlands it is rather obvious that I will send International :).
So, I am interested in this but crazy intimidated. My hd/hp skills are limited (I am working on it) and I would hate to jack up someone's journal. Let me let it simmer and come back.

TLDR: Lurking.
Maybe 2023 is a good year for a new moley swap? Anyone interested? Just drop a line here (and PM me) to see if we can get a group together...
Nicky, check out the thread “Moley Swap Interest?” Under Art Discussions. It was started by Wildholly last September. I would definitely be interested.
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