More Collage Houses (Not House Shaped) ~ Due: May 13


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Feb 20, 2008
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Swap Due Date: May 13th
Signup By: April 29th
Withdraw: any time, just communicate
Number of Cards: 3-3
Number of Participants: unlimited
Media: Collage/Paper Piecing

We haven't made any collage houses in a while and they're so fun to create. Let's make some more!


Swap Info:
This swap is for collage (paper pieced) houses. You will cut your building, windows, doors etc. out and piece them together to assemble a home. You can accent them with ink/gel pens. No plain backgrounds. Add a tree, flowers, fence, put some clouds in the sky, or not. Whatever you want to do!

Swap Rules:
~ All cards are to be 2.5X3.5
~ No bulky embellishments.
~ Make sure your card is sturdy, not flimsy or floppy.
~ On the back include your real name, user name, location and any other info you choose.

Mailing Info:
~ Put your cards in a protective sleeve or something similar for protection.
~ PM me for my address when you're ready to mail.
~ US: Include a stamped, self addressed envelope w/ your user name on the back.
~ International: Include a US intntl stamp (if you have one) or a US dollar and an address label.
I'll supply your envelope.
~ Be sure to allow enough time when mailing for your cards to arrive to me on time.

Other Info:
~ Subscribe to the thread so you can keep track of this swap.
~ Share pics, if you can. Everyone enjoys seeing what's being created.
~ I will leave I-traders when your cards arrive.
~ Don't forget to leave me (host) an I-trader when you get your cards back.
~ No communication and no cards will result in a neutral i-trader.
~ Post to the thread and/or leave rep points when you receive your returns so that folks can know who
got their cards.
~ A host card is neither expected nor required but is appreciated.

Happy creating and I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

1) CynthiaSillitoe RCVD ARVD
2) NancyL withdrew
3) desert_artist withdrew
4) RaineyDay RCVD ARVD
5) sheshedoesit RCVD ARVD
6) TerryHEdwards RCVD
7) leydab RCVD ARVD
8) pancake machine RCVD ARVD
9) OrigamiGrace RCVD ARVD
10) IrishRose RCVD ARVD
11) 14CarrotGold RCVD ARVD
12) Essy RCVD ARVD
13) LeonardaDaArtsi RCVD ARVD
14) CiCiCreates RCVD ARVD
15) JenTeachesAdaptiveArt RCVD
16) Monroy28 RCVD ARVD
17) SpottedCrow RCVD ARVD
18) mybrokenart RCVD
19) trini70 DONE
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So it is a house on an ATC. It is not an ATC shaped like a house ( which you did say.) And it is a house that is pieced together with different parts. So you can't really pick up the whole house as it is made of pieces.
This sounds like it could be fun, but I'm not sure how to get involved.

How do non-americans usually get their hands on american stamps? Because I tried to buy the stamps and they don't sell them outside the US.
Moolric, I don't really know how. I'll pm you and, in the meantime, maybe someone here has some advice.

Dithespy, welcome to the lurkers couch.
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