Once in a Blue Moon ATC Swap Due August 9, 2024


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Swap Due Date – August 9, 2024
Signup/withdraw date – July 26, 2024 (2 weeks to due date)
Number of Cards - 3 for 3
Number of participants – 30 We're full!
Media- Open media - No white edged stickers. No digital or prints. No heavy or thick embellishments.

Our theme is Once in a Blue Moon. What do you think of when you hear "Once in a Blue Moon"?
A Blue Moon is generally the second full moon in a month - the next one isn’t until 2026! There are also “seasonal” blue moon’s, which, according to Nasa, is the third full moon in a season that has four full moons. Summer 2024 has four full moons (June 21, July 21, August 19 and September 18). Since the August full is the third full moon of the summer series, it’s a seasonal Blue Moon.

For this swap your task is to create an ATC that includes a Moon - blue or otherwise, full or otherwise. 🌕🌖🌓🌔 The rest is up to your creativity!
This is an Open media swap with exceptions: No white edged stickers. No digital or prints. No heavy or thick embellishments.

(Oil Pastel-HHC)

Basic Rules
* All cards must be standard 3.5” x 2.5” and must be sturdy enough to earn the name "card".
* Each card must be different. Cards may be similar but each must be unique to itself.
* Send in work you would be happy to receive, created with thought and care.
* Send your cards in individual protective sleeves.
* Keep embellishments to a minimum. Thinner cards are desired. If you have thick cards, send extra postage for each card.

* On Back of Cards - include swap name; username; your real name and location.
US Participants:
Include a Self Addressed business sized envelope with a Forever Stamp (currently .68 cents - increases to .73 on July 2). Please include your user name and name of swap on your envelope.
International Participants:
Please send your address on a self-stick mailing label (clearly written, please) and include your username. I will provide the envelope.
Please include a US Global Forever Stamp or $1.00 USD. Let me know if that's an issue! And please mail early – 3 - 4 weeks is recommended.

* PLEASE allow plenty of mailing time! I’m an on time hostess and late cards will be returned to sender.

* If you need to drop out; just let me know. No cards and no communication is very bad karma and may result in a neutral i-trader!

Note that this is 3 for 3 only. An extra card for the host is never required, although always appreciated.

Please ask for my address when you are ready to mail your cards. If you’ve traded with me recently, I’m still at Brownsville Place.

Posting in the thread when your cards are mailed helps me keep track. And please consider posting your lovely completed art for everyone to see. It’s so fun to see what others are creating!

When you receive your returns, please leave Feedback (formerly iTrader) for your swap host (me).
It's also polite to let folks know where their art now lives! That can be done by posting a thank you in the thread, or giving a reputation comment, or posting on their profile or sending a conversation / private message.
Note that I include links to each swap participant in the first post to make it easy to leave a reputation comment.

Who wants to play?
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Wow, that song is what I thought of first too! And yes, not Sinatra, but the Marcels! Also, there are a handful of names of Moon Goddesses from mythical beliefs in various countries. I don’t personally believe in goddesses, but they might be fun to illustrate. For the time being, I am lurking.
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Welcome mybrokenart! Blue moon ale, eh? 🍺 It's fun to see the first things that come to mind.
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