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Paper Doll of the Month 2022


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Sep 2, 2010
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Paper Doll of the Month Rotation 2022 FULL

Looking for paper doll enthusiasts to form a Doll a Month rotation. The idea is to have 13 members sending one doll a month for a year. Each month you would send/receive a doll from a different member. HD/HP or mixed media, artist choice. Doll would fit in a legal sized envelope for ease of, and inexpensive, mailing. Would love to have this up and running so the first dolls can be sent out by the end of January 2022.
Please let me know if you have serious interest. Any suggestions/ideas are welcome!

1. Me
7. TF Balding
8. theweavershand
9. art_junkie

August list:
sender - receiver
notinkansas - CiCiCreates
luckycat479- wildholly
Rosecake- nanner
Bluesky - miss
zhouzhou - notinkansas
TF Balding- luckycat479
theweavershand - Rosecake
art_junkie - Bluesky
CiCiCreates - zhouzhou
wildholly- TF Balding
nanner - theweavershand
miss - art_junkie

September list:
sender - receiver
notinkansas- wildholly
luckycat479- nanner
Rosecake- miss
Bluesky - notinkansas
zhouzhou- luckycat479
TF Balding- Rosecake
theweavershand- Bluesky
art_junkie - zhouzhou
CiCiCreates- TF Balding
wildholly- theweavershand
nanner - art_junkie
miss- CiCiCreates

October list:
sender - receiver
notinkansas - nanner
luckycat479 - miss
Rosecake - notinkansas
Bluesky - luckycat479
zhouzhou- Rosecake
TF Balding- Bluesky
theweavershand - zhouzhou
art_junkie - TF Balding
CiCiCreates- theweavershand
wildholly- art_junkie
nanner - CiCiCreates
miss- wildholly

Nov list:
sender -receiver
notinkansas- miss
Rosecake- luckycat479
Bluesky- Rosecake
zhouzhou- Bluesky
TF Balding- zhouzhou
theweavershand- TF Balding
art_junkie- theweavershand
CiCiCreates- art_junkie
wildholly- CiCiCreates
nanner- wildholly
miss- nanner
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Definitely interested. Open theme or themed....like January (new beginnings) February (love)..etc
Personally I like artist’s choice. Themes can be fun, but I love to have things wide open for individual creativity.

Just to make sure I understand, NIK, we can do flat dolls like two sleeve, Spirit dolls, Goddess dolls, artist inspiration, modified Kokeshi — or articulated dolls, right?
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First off, I'm so glad you are all here!
Second, I would like to keep this with no theme, artist's choice. This way the artist can do their best work on something they enjoy creating.
And third...I was really trying to go beyond the templates that most of us have already done. They don't necessarily have to be articulated.
Super! There will be more creativity if we don’t use the usual templates.

Is there a minimum size? Small can be really cute. I just got a doll from Machochick that is 4.5” x 4”, got it from her Etsy store. When I can I will photograph it and show everyone for inspiration. Really cute.

Whoop! Just saw all the cool people participating. — As you can tell, I am very excited about this. Wish there were a dancing Snoopy emoji! ��
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I could definitely do some since they don’t have to be articulated. I would join. Interested in a size range requirement.
Yay CiCi!
Size requirement is approximately 6" to 8". Something that would fit nicely in a business size envelope.
I should also officially welcome TF Balding and theweavershand!
Please don’t forget to add my name, don’t want your list to fill up without me.
ha ha ha ha. I have made zombies, robots, mermaid and purrmaid paperdolls. Goddesses, bird and cat paperdolls. Owls foxes and funky shoes. You all have been warned! (Ok, so I am a little excited!)
I would love to join in but can I make articulated? I just love paper dolls with some sort of movement to them.
Opinions please
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