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Postage stamp APCs - 6s/ Land animals Due date: September 17

I'm getting these packed up in an envelope today to go out tomorrow. :)


There will be an extra one for Donna too.

I've been holding on to these stamps because I couldn't stand the thought of them being obliterated by blotchy ink. This was the perfect excuse to use them.
KESager - I love the way that you have coloured the stamped cats and dogs to match the stamps, very cute washi tape, too
CynthiaSillitoe - another fantastic set! I have folders of saved stamps and yet you still manage to use ones that I have never seen before

I will tell you both when they arrive
Thank you!

Cynthia - I agree with Donna that is such a great mix of stamps and lovely collaged backgrounds to match what is happening in the image.
Oh, thank you both! I do have decades of stamps, but I'll admit that both the lion and the giraffe in those set are stamps I haven't seen often. I've been trying to finally, finally get my stamps organized once and for all. It's tough because invariably I find a stamp that inspires me and soon I'm making art instead of organizing. :jiggy:
Haagmm - I am assuming that you are mailing them about now so I will tell you when they arrive, love all the bunnies
CynthiaSillitoe - so sorry to worry you. Your gorgeous cards arrived last week but I have been unable to get to them until now

Haagmm - I know that you mailed at about the same time as CynthiaSillitoe but your cards have not arrived yet. I am sure that Australia Post feels that they need to deliver bundles of mail instead of individual letters as that is how my mail is arriving.

My husband and I are going on holidays with our daughter and her 2 children for the next week so, fingers crossed, they will be in the bundle of mail I should have when I return.
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Haagmm - I am afraid that your cards still have not appeared so I will have to swap out the rest of them. When yours do arrive I will make you a set so that you don't have a hole in your deck.

Returns will be in the mail tomorrow
Mine are here!!! Thanks to Donna for hosting and a card, and also EllieJayBird, KESagers, and catladybj for cards.

I'm working on my 4s. :jiggy:
I will be archiving this swap tomorrow so please remove any attachments from the thread. Thanks all for playing in this series.
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