Reindeer Games! - A HandDrawn/HandPainted Swap - Due February 10, 2024

It has been a busy week. Today I was finally able to go through each of the envies that I received on Thursday.
@jo.on.the.go and @MBM your cards look wonderful! Thank you both for the host cards and thank you MBM for including extra postage. You Rock!

@mrubyjean your reindeer have landed. Thank you for the host card. And thank you for the note, I am absolutely in love with Emily Francis’ Woodland Caribou.

image deleted March 13, 2024
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Checking in. Mine haven't arrived there yet?
Not yet @jtpaints. I believe that I last picked up mail on Wednesday. I hope to make it into town later this afternoon. Don’t worry,you haven’t missed the deadline yet.
If my cards haven't arrived by the next time you check your mail, they must have gone missing... I'll need to withdraw then.

@jtpaints your resplendent reindeer have landed. Thank you so much for the host card.
Sorry for the delay. Things got unexpectedly hectic around here this past week.
iTraders for this swap have now been submitted. On my end they all look complete. Please let me know if you did not receive yours or have trouble accessing it.

I had a little trouble with the deal URL feature this time (IDK, It was super easy before? 🤷‍♀️). I suspect that the deal URL is now being added automatically if you access feedback from the thread. I’m not sure, and I unfortunately don’t have the time to mess around with it today. If you use that feature, please let me know if it is working for you.
Your reindeer have taken flight!
They went out from the big post office yesterday afternoon. Please let us know when yours land.

Thank you all for playing and for making it fun. I loved the art, creativity, and sense of humor that you all brought to the swap. And thanks again for all the amazing host art and other gifts.
I received my cards yesterday. What a fun packet jezebelle. You also get my nomination for the bestest hostess ever. I loved the way you were so involved in the swap, and all of the pictures of reindeer that you posted.
I received cards from:
Ancient Planter - Sledding
Mrubyjean - Off-season entertainment, checkers
Tillygo - reindeer facing right

I gave everybody +1 reputation point. I didn't want to play favorites and so whenever I give reps I only give +1.
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I’m pleased to see that reindeer have landed for @mrubyjean, @jo.on.the.go, @Pamitha, @MBM, @Ancient Planter, and @jtpaints. Thank you for submitting Feedback for me and thank you for acknowledging the artists that created you reindeer. I knew you would love the returns, the art for this swap was fantastic!

@Tillygo and @Wolf_Moon, I hope your reindeer aren’t taking the scenic route!

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