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September PAT (w/ more unique groups) ~ DUE: November 15th


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Due Date: Nov. 15
Sign-up By: Oct. 12
Withdraw By: No withdrawals allowed
Number of Cards: 1 card per person per group (total of 4 cards per group)
Number of Players: 7 groups of 5 players per group
Number of Groups per Player: Max 2
Theme: Chosen by players

PAT Guidelines/Rules:
1. In order to participate in this PAT, you must:
~ Have an established iTrader rating of +15.
~ Have received no negatives within the past 6 months.
~ Have received no neutrals within the past 3 months.
2. Themes must be chosen within 48 hours of joining the swap.
3. Chosen themes must fall into the stated group category of either “Easy” or “Advanced”
~ “Easy” themes include generic themes that are easy to reference and/or find images for collage (ex. cats, castles, roses, butterflies, etc.).
~ “Advanced” themes may be regular or challenging, and includes those that need research and/or are specific (ex. Irish castles, Alice in Wonderland, etc.).
4. Each card must be the standard ATC size of 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. MOOs must be 2 3/4 x 1 inch.
5. Each card must be original and unique.
6. You must follow the themes requested by your group participants EXACTLY. Theme is the main focus of a PAT, so no deviations from theme requests are allowed. If a player requests a blue cat and a red one is submitted, it will be returned.
7. Embellishments must be relatively flat and lightweight; no bulky embellishments.
8. Cards and MOOs must have a sturdy background and earn the name “card.”
9. Each ATC must be in an individual plastic sleeve and MOOs, 2 to a sleeve.
10. Each card should be labeled with the swap name, your username, your real name, date of creation, your location, group number, and recipient name.

Mailing Guidelines:
1. Please mail cards in a business sized envelope, spreading the cards over the space of the envelope.
2. When you mail, please put your user name and PAT group #_ on the back of your return envelope. I am hosting more than one swap and this helps me stay organized.
3. If you tape your cards onto a sturdy background when mailing, please use an easy-release tape such as painter’s tape or washi tape. I don’t want anyone’s beautiful artwork to be damaged by tape.
US: Include a SASE w/ sufficient return postage to cover the # of groups you're in (1 stamp for each group).
International: Send a label w/ your address and provide either 1 Global U.S. Forever stamp per group or 1 well concealed $1 per group. I will provide envelopes.

Please Note:
I will not wait for late cards. Do not over-commit yourself. Late Cards, regardless of the reason (health, personal tragedy, job demands, etc.), will result in a neutral iTrader from me, and possibly a neutral or negative iTrader from each of the participants in your group. The only exception to this rule will be if you show proof of finished cards (shared in the thread or messaged to me privately) AND notify me that they have been mailed (at the same time) at least 4 weeks in advance for international mail, and 10 days in advance for U.S. mail. I apologize if this seems harsh, but I view iTrader simply as a statement of fact, not as any sort of punishment of the artist.

~ iTraders will be given when cards are received and the appropriate theme is verified.
~ Remember that cards must be received by the due date.
~ If I receive all of the cards for a group early, I will return early (unless you're in two groups).
~ A host card is neither expected nor required but will be cherished.
~ Remember that feedback is different in a PAT. You do not leave Rep/ You Rock points. You do leave iTraders for me + each of the other artists in your group!! It is a trade. PM if you have any questions on this.

To Join This Swap:
You must verify that you have read the above by joining with the statement:
“I understand the swap rules.”

Group 1: Fabric/Stitched~Easy Theme Full
1) *Elliejaybird~Bug (any sort, including spiders) RCVD
2) *chimerix~3 colors of artists choosing RCVD
3) *leydab~sunflower(s) RCVD
4) fandanie~owl RCVD

Group 2: Fave Artist~In the Style of Your Choice, HD/HP FULL
1) *wildholly~Grandma Moses or Will Moses RCVD
2) *Dina54~Kurt Schwitters https://www.wikiart.org/en/kurt-schwitters RCVD ARVD
3) *Pamitha~Gustav Klimt's women (I prefer you look to Klimt's women as subject matter) RCVD
4) *Tillygo~Georges Seurat RCVD ARVD
5) *BexMadeMe~ Mark Ryden RCVD

Group 3: Zentangle~Easy Theme Full
1) *Pamitha~ jack-o-lantern shape (see post 55 for details) RCVD
2) *Donnacr~tangles starting with your username initial (link to tanglepatterns.com for easy tangle finding in post 54) RCVD
3) *Tillygo~birds black and white only RCVD
4) *mrubyjean~sunflowers RCVD
5) jtpaints~the eye, in black and/or sepia and white, human or animal RCVD

Group 4: Profile~Theme based on player's profile, Open Media Full
1) *ferretgirl RCVD
2) *chimerex RCVD
3) *Allegrae RCVD
4) *BArox818 RCVD
5) Linda4atc RCVD

Group5: Profile~Theme based on player's profile, Open Media Full
1) *PastaBunny RCVD
2) *Elliejaybird RCVD
3) *sigma RCVD
4) *essy RCVD
5) *miss RCVD

Group 6: Monochromatic~Open Media, Artists Choice Theme, Choose Color Full
1) *CiCiCreates~all pinks, from baby pink to deepest rose RCVD
2) *Lalka~shades of ivory beige (think Shabby Chic) RCVD
3) *locatray~pale yellow RCVD
4) trini70~teal/turquoise
5) *JustJayne~peachy tones RCVD

Group 7: MOOs~Easy Theme, Open Media, 2 per player Full
1) *PastaBunny~Giraffe w/ a Hat RCVD
2) *jezebelle~things in bottles, the more unexpected the better RCVD
3) *leydab~house(s) RCVD
4) *kehlen~artist's choice RCVD
5) *Donnacr~time RCVD
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Lurking with intent. I am interested in an HD/HP ATC and probably moos but we shall see.
I have questions…

1. Are groups 2, 5, 6 and 7 open media?
2. Does black/grey/white count as monochrome?
3. How am I supposed to choose?! There are so many good options here.

4. For group 6, do you choose just a color, or a color and a theme?

Edited to add…

5. Is house shaped an acceptable moo theme?
6. I don’t ask for much, do I? LOL!
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Glad to have you lurking PastaBunny, and being the first to show interest. I like to offer some more "off the beaten path" themes. I chose digital because there was a discussion in the hosts forum and I thought I'd see if anyone is interested. If not, I'll change the group.
Ok may I join group 5 and 7. For group 7 can my theme be Giraffe with a hat (is that still easy enough) if not just giraffe is good.

Also I understand the swap rules however I don't have dollars or forever stamps so if you could let me know how best to pay you as I am international. If it's a problem let me know.
Jezebelle, I must've been editing the same time you were typing. I did add open media to some of the groups. I'm fine with house shaped MOOs. I actually do consider black/white/gray to be monochromatic.
Welcome PastaBunny! I'm glad you decided to join in. I'll PM you about postage.
Sorry, I’m an over eager beaver. I’ve been lurking hard since the swap popped last night with “more unique themes”. Lovin’ it!

Please put me in for group 7, theme TBA. And I will ponder a second group.

I understand the swap rules.
Lol. You know me by now, my brain is all weird with the little and literal details.

Same theme for both MOOs?
I don't mind jezebelle. My day was winding down last night when I sent the swap in for approval. It was just starting when I added the groups. So I'm glad you were here to "proofread" for me.

Got you down for group 7!
Please sign me up for Group 6. All pinks, from baby pink to deepest rose. Do I choose a theme as well, or is that the artist’s choice?
Please add me to Group 6!!!
Color of choice: Shades of ivory beige (think Shabby Chic)
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