Sketch Your Day 2023 | HandDrawn/HandPainted | Due August, 15 2023


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Nov 27, 2021
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Swap Due Date: August 15, 2022
Signup/Withdraw Date: Anytime, but please communicate
Number of ATCs: 3 for 3
Number of Participants: 20 (only one spot left)
Medium: Hand painted/hand drawn; mixed media elements can be added as long as the drawing is the main focus.

Last year we had so much fun sharing parts of our day in this swap. Let’s do it again…

I enjoy storytelling through art and photographs, and have been enjoying urban sketching during holiday trips. I also enjoy sketching things, life, around the house. I particularly like seeing parts of the day to day life of others through art and added commentary.
For this swap, share with us parts of your world by sketching/drawing snippets of your day.

Swap guidelines

Sketch snippets of your day. The cards should include some context so that they convey a story on a single card. Examples of things to draw: what you had for breakfast, the place you met your friends at, what you saw while taking a walk in the park, how your pet sleeps, the art supplies currently on your table, that spider living in the corner, the bread you baked, your garden, your family enjoying a day at the beach, an old building in your town,…etc. The list is limitless. You may add commentary to enhance the story telling power, either on the card, as part of the title or otherwise on the back of the card, or as a separate note that’s ATC sized.

Optional challenge: I encourage you to draw from life and on location. It brings more dimensions to the memories of that moment. I can often feel what I felt that day/moment of the sketch while looking at it later. I can’t experience as much with only a photograph as the memory keeper. So, sketch from life vs a photo for at least one of your cards, in the spirit of urban sketching (USk; drawing on location). A photo may still be used as reference for coloring at a later time, if you only have time to do the sketch on location.

Have fun, it's only a sketch. It doesn't have to be "perfect" or super realistic. It just needs to convey a story about your day.

These are some examples from my cards/sketchbook:


Check out last year’s thread for more examples from the participants. The thread conversation is also full of fun, so make sure to check it out.

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Card guidelines:

~~ This is a 3 for 3 card trade.
~~ An additional host card in the swap theme is appreciated and will be treasured, but is not required!
~~ Cards need to measure 2.5" x 3.5" and must have a sturdy base to make it a “card”. (If you are new to ATC’s and swaps, please check the FAQ section of this website for more guidance.) Keep them as flat as possible. No bulky embellishments.
~~ Protect your card in individual vinyl sleeves.
~~ Include your username, real name, where you live and name of the swap on the back of the card.
~~ Please share your finished cards in this thread and in the gallery and comment on those you like. We all love to get inspired by your lovely creations.


~~ PM me for my address when your cards are ready to send. Give yourself enough time for them to arrive, at least a week or two for those in the US. At least another week or more if outside the US.
~~ US Players: Send a large label with your name and address clearly printed on it. Include as much loose postage as it took to mail the cards to me. Usually one "Forever" stamp is sufficient for three cards. Check at your post office if you are uncertain. I will provide envelopes. Please, *do not send envelopes*
~~ International Players: Send a large label with your name and address clearly printed on it. I will provide postage and envelopes. Please, *do not send envelopes*

Visit HOW TO: Pack & Mail your Cards for Swaps ( for more guidance.

Don’t forget I-Traders for me if you are pleased with how I handled the swap, and, most importantly You-Rocks for the artists whose ATCs you received!!!

Who wants to play?Links to You Rocks!


0. Aifrati
1. Periwinkle
2. jo.on.the.go
3. Ancient Planter
4. LuAnnP
5. Piggles
6. flashviv
7. -Withdrawn-
8. 14CarrotGold
9. Alana Cat
10. leydab
11. Tillygo
12. BlancoLobo
13. Makitso
14. mrubyjean
15. Keith
16. zCatLady
17. gt0595c
18. jtpaints
19. The Walnut Tree
20. Vidas
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Welcome Periwinkle. I’m so glad you are joining the fun. Let’s hope other’s follow. I’ll send some invites.
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I want to do this. Just a question: should our sketches be from an “ordinary day”? Why I ask is that next month I’m visiting France and I want to document part of my trip by drawing some places I’ll be visiting. So could I use travel sketches? I’m okay either way - just asking.
Welcome Jo! Yes, anything that happens on any day counts, not just ordinary days. Travel days are some of the most exciting ones. So please, do share those too! ;)
:jiggy:Welcome to the fun Ancient Planter! I love the urban sketch you made for me in the Mid-April PAT of you arting in your porch. Really cool! Do you mind posting it here as an example?
I'd love to lurk.
I love seeing other people's art! I'll try to find something interesting about my day to share but just wanna lurk for now!
You are more than welcome to lurk ZhouZhou. And anything about your day counts, even the most mundane things. It does not need to be “interesting”. It can be a simple sketch of your lunch, the mess in the corner, the flowers you see during your walk through the park, or the penny you found on the floor, etc. ;)
Is it ok to create a sketch from a picture I took when I was in Bologna two weeks ago? I saw the most fascinating thing in a church I’d love to create an ATC of.
And I have my first card done.

Last weekend we went to Pollok Country Park in Glasgow to see the hairy coos! We were so lucky, the cows were very close to the fence so we got a really good view of them. I even got to pet one! And there were several babies as well. We spent over an hour taking pictures.

I find the hairy coos really difficult to paint. I did this one with walnut coloured ink and a dip pen.

Is it ok to create a sketch from a picture I took when I was in Bologna two weeks ago? I saw the most fascinating thing in a church I’d love to create an ATC of.

Sure…! I guess two weeks ago is fairly recent and now I’m curious about your day at the church and what you saw there. :laugh:
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