The Halloween Art Tag Swap - Due Oct 2

Welcome beaksalot and Bonnie to another round of Halloween!
Hi, Nicochan! Welcome to AFA ( Thanks for sharing your info, and for your interest in the Halloween swap. This particular swap is for art that is larger than standard ATC size, so let me know if you'd like to join us, or are just dropping in to say hello.

The site has a specific area for new members, so be sure to check this out: HERE.

Thank you - I added some more about me in my profile. Also put in a new greetings under that forum.

I saw that this particular ATC is larger than the standard size. I printed out a template so I can use that as my guide on making these particular cards. I am going to go with a vintage theme on most of these cards and hand paint most of the art. I may add some other elements to it. I'll take care that they follow the guidelines noted.

So yes, I would love to join in if you all would have me

I'm happy to add you. Welcome, Nicochan!

For the sake of clarification, technically, our swap is considered "mail art," since it isn't standard ATC size (which is 2.5" x 3.5".) If you follow the guidelines at the beginning of the thread, you should be fine. Also, I've included a number of examples there so you can see what art we have in mind. It's great to have you joining us for your first swap! Vintage theme with hand-painted art sounds great. Feel free to stay and "chat" along with us in the thread. This is also the place where we share pictures of the art we've created for the swap, and also banter back and forth.

If you go to the upper right area at the top of this thread, you'll see a pull-down menu under "Thread Tools." You can "subscribe to this thread" there, and also any other threads for swaps you are joining or interested in. This way, you'll be notified of new swap activity. It's a fun way to keep in touch, and it also makes it easier to keep track your swaps/trades.

Just give a shout out if you have any questions. This is a great group of talented and helpful artists. And we love having new members joining in.

Soooooooo happy to have you joining in Theresa! I have missed you my dear art friend! :jiggy:

Slightly shaped is A-ok.
Some fun Pinterest examples for us. While they might not necessarily be in the size range, or lacking embellishments, they are just SO FABULOUS:


Someone named Tammy Ham posted the skellies. HugsAndStitchesPrims on the witches.
I've been working on mine today. I know it's a 3:3, but I got a little carried away.... :huh:


I hope the shape is ok. If not, I can get back to the drawing board... :unsure:

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That is a clever shape for sure! As long as they are within in the length/width...I think they are sorta genius! Bravo. :notworthy:
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