The Halloween Art Tag Swap - Due Oct 2

RaineyDay, your spooktacular tags are here! I appreciate the extra piece so very much.
Sent mine off Monday - he said should be there by Thursday, I do have a tracking number if needed.

fun swap thank you for hosting.


Hi goatgoddess, I love the draping look of that skull tag and they all have that quality of eerie. Love that!

Nicochan...scary but awesome tags...and that viper...hisses!
Outstanding tags! I will let you know when these creepy crawlers land. :D
Mail CRAWL! Uh...I mean CALL!

esew: Your fab tags have arrived. Thank you for the keepsake tag! Much appreciated.

GG: Your spooktaculars have landed as well! I'm so very grateful for the extra piece. :wubclub:
Bonnie! Your creeptastics have just arrived! Thank you for the gift tag. I appreciate it mucho!
Nicochan, your terrific tags are here! Outstanding work. Thank you for making this your first swap. And extra thanks for the keepsake tag.

With that, I'm ready to SWAP TIL I DROP! Thank you all for making this swap so great. I appreciate everyone getting the art to me on time. Extra kudos to our wonderful players AND the USPS on that one!

I just thought I'd share a little tip/shortcut that some of you may not be aware of when it comes time to find specific players to whom you need to leave rep/you rock's for. As you know it will be an iTrader for nanner/me for hosting. And then rep/you rock for the art you receive. I typed this out as a helpful hint for a new player, and maybe others will find it useful as well:

Tip/shortcut for leaving Rep Points: For the players whose art you receive, you'll give them a reputation comment by clicking the "you rock" button on any of their posts in the thread. An easy way to find the players' posts are to go to the "active mail art swap" board and where you see our swap for Halloween Art Tags in the list, look over to the right of the swap listing and you'll see Replies: 189 (click on the number of replies, and then it will take you to a list of everyone that's replied to the swap thread.) Scroll down the list to find the player's name you need, and then you can click on their posts and it will take you right to one of their posts in the thread and you can hit the "you rock" button from there. A window will pop up, automatically indicating a positive comment, and you can type whatever you want in the text box which will appear on that player's private user control panel, only visible to them. You can say things like "i got your purple witch tag, thanks." Or something like that. This button is also used to just spread nice words around the site, so feel free to You Rock anyone at any time for any reason. Even if you didn't receive art from them.
Alrighty, m'dears. All the tags are swapped, packed and will hop on broomsticks tomorrow. The art for this swap was especially fantastic. Thank you all for making this swap stellar!
Next time, for sure know we loves the acalla arts! :jiggy:
How wonderful that our fab artist in Hawaii is first to report returns! :jiggy:
My terrific creepy tag returns arrived ~ love them!
Thanks to catladybj, goatgoddess and Rainey Day...and our spooktastic host, nanner!
I love chunky mail art swaps. Nanner, you sure know how to host a party. I love my returns - thank you, art pals!
Excellent art recvd from Theresagram, beaksalot, and RebeccaG. Off to leave iTrader and Rep points. Wishing everyone a cozy fall season full of trading cards.
So happy the art is landing safely. Thanks for the feedback, folks! :jiggy:
Wonderfully spooky tags have arrived from theweavershand, locatray and Kehlenn! Thank you for hosting this super fun swap, nanner! Off to give iTrader and you rocks!
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