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The Haunted Village: Inchies! - A House-Shaped Swap - Due October 31, 2023

Well, I did not complete my Inchie haunts yesterday, as I had hoped. After a couple hours of work on the walls, I felt that the craftsmanship was lacking. So I started over. And I am so glad I did! I pulled the walls out of my curing block this morning and I am stoked about how they ultimately turned out.

I also have a lot of work-in-progress roofs, I mean a lot. I mean, TOO MANY. The rooftops are going really well and I can’t make up my mind. And I have a few little potential embellishments started as well.

Want to see my walls? I will try to grab a pic if the sun peeps out.
I can’t wait to see these! Sounds like you are setting the bar high for the rest of us!
I hope so. I know we all have different skill sets, and different materials to work with. As long as every one puts in real effort and makes haunts they are proud of of, I won’t send any ghouls or goblins after them, lol.
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Presenting hand stitched Franken-Inchies!


Click on the image for a closer view.
Yes, that’s tinfoil in the background, it may or may not make an appearance down the road.

edited to add - These are just the walls, there are several more steps before these become finished haunts.
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Welcome leydab! Thank you for joining.
Inchies are fun!

Thank you for posting your tiny haunts in the thread. I’m loving your classic colors, terrific textures, and spooky sentiments.
(I swear that alliteration was accidental, lol.)
I will add you to the list theweavershand, Welcome!
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Here are my tiny haunted house creations. Ready to mail them.


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I see a lot of spooky cute there Mushu, but I have to admit, I’m partial to the ones with the skellies. Thank you for playing!
I'm ready to sign up for the inchie houses. After cutting out the twinchies, I figure I can do the inchies, too.
I'm ready to sign up for the inchie houses. After cutting out the twinchies, I figure I can do the inchies, too.

Welcome NancyL, thank you for joining.
I’m excited to see what kind of tiny haunted houses you create!

Village Haunts are beginning to arrive and this old song bears repeating as I am meeting some of you here for the first time.
I want to advise you all not to worry if you feel that your cards are taking longer to get to me than you expect. I live in a very small (maybe 500 folks?) and rural community. The USPS doesn’t even offer mail service to my house, so I have to “go to town” to get the mail. I don’t always do that on a daily basis. I will update the thread with each mail call that brings swap cards. In the mean time, do not be concerned.
I see you 14CarrotGold, step up to the bonfire and get comfortable.
I hope you find the inspiration you need to join us.


The first haunted house-shaped Inchies have have arrived!

Mushu your tiny haunts are here.
I know that the pics posted to the site never tell the full story of the art in person, this is especially true in the case of your Inchies. There is so much going on here that your pics did not capture, they are really wonderful. Thank you so much for the haunted hostie!

Also, it is really striking just how much surface area that extra 1/4 inch provided by this construction style adds.

PS You have cool stamps.

If you post your haunted house-shaped creations in the gallery, and I hope you do, we can watch our village grow. Be sure to choose “Mail Art: Traded and for Swaps” as your category and include the words “Haunted Village” in your title. Then, whenever you want to see how the village construction is progressing, use the gallery search functions for keywords and categories.

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