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The Haunted Village: MOOs! - A House-Shaped Swap - Due October 31, 2023

Hello again theweavershand!

I’m pleased to see you building in Booville, and bringing all your ghostly friends. Fantastic MOOs, thank you for sharing them. I love the cohesive threads that tie all of your tiny haunts together and your distinctive style.

I shall add you to the list now.
I’m sorry but I need to withdraw from both the moo and inchie swap. I’m just drawing a blank on original Halloween ideas right now. I think I’ve Halloweened out.
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The first village haunts have arrived!

TerriF your haunted MOOs are here. I love the back sides of your houses, what a fun addition.
Thank you so much for the haunted hostie! And thank you for the handmade Halloween card, it’s my first this season.
This was a fun challenge! I may sign up for inchies…
Process photo of a vampire and garlic roof. View attachment 241771

I love process pics! Thank you for sharing. That is a Fangtastic haunt, it is so clever and original, and I love the colors.

Tiny Haunts are fun! I hope I see you on the Inchie side of town.

I can relate to your process. I have a very similar page of sketches and notes on my worktop (but with different ideas, of course). When I have a bit more to share I will post mine too.

Village Haunts are beginning to arrive and this old song bears repeating as I am meeting some of you here for the first time.
I want to advise you all not to worry if you feel that your cards are taking longer to get to me than you expect. I live in a very small (maybe 500 folks?) and rural community. The USPS doesn’t even offer mail service to my house, so I have to “go to town” to get the mail. I don’t always do that on a daily basis. I will update the thread with each mail call that brings swap cards. In the mean time, do not be concerned.
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