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The Haunted Village: Twinchies! - A House-Shaped Swap - Due October 31, 2023


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May 4, 2022
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Swap Due Date: October 31, 2023
Signup by: October 15, 2023 This swap is now closed to new builders.
Withdraw by: none, if you need to drop out please communicate
Number of Twinchies: 2 for 2 or 4 for 4
Number of Participants: unlimited
Medium: open media *please read the not-so-fine print

The Haunted Village: House-Shaped Twinchies!

For this swap, you will create house-shaped Twinchies in a Haunted, Halloween or otherwise Spooky theme of your choice.

Making tiny houses is fun, and addictive. Last year, during the spooky season, I made a bunch. I also collected a handful of fabulous tiny haunts - Inchies, Twinchies, and MOOs. When they were displayed all together, I loved how they looked. This year, I want to put together a whole haunted village. I think our returns would look awesome in an accordion style display album, or framed up all together, or arranged as a spread in an art journal.

Would you like to collect your own tiny haunted village too?

If so, sign up in the thread and please check out the other swaps in this series.
The Haunted Village: Inchies!
The Haunted Village: MOOs!
You do not have to participate in all three swaps to play. Join one or join more, as you like.


Media Parameters:
(the not-so-fine print)
- Media for this swap is wide open.
- Please note that all Mail Art submitted for this swap must be an original one-of-a-kind, no copies!
- Handmade prints, photographic and digital cards or components are welcome. But DO NOT repeat or copy cards that you have swapped/traded in the past or plan on replicating for swaps/trades in the future.
- Keep embellishments relatively flat and lightweight, for safe and economical mailing. Submissions that are excessively bulky, heavy or pokey are not eligible for this swap. If received, they will be returned to you at YOUR risk and expense.

Craftsmanship Parameters:
- Twinchies houses should be a Twinchie (2”x2”) with an added roof in shape of your choice. Typical roofs are a Twinchie cut in half on the diagonal, but the choice is yours. Shaped or somewhat wonky is okay too, these are haunted houses after all. Go wherever your muse takes you. Twinchie houses for this swap may not exceed 3.25” in height or 3” in width.
- Twinchie houses must be sturdy, and have tidy edges.
- Make sure your adhesive game is on point, cards with loose/unattached bits will not be accepted.
- Sticky submissions will not be accepted.
- Submit only your best work. Please send creative and conscientiously crafted Twinchies that required time and effort to make, Mail Art that you would be excited to display or have displayed.
- Label Twinchies on the back, include your username and country/state - abbreviations are fine for limited spaces. Include other info as you wish.

Mailing Parameters:
- Please Personal Message me for my address when you are ready to mail your Twinchies. Please do not make this request in the thread.
- Secure your Art for shipping using an easy release tape, like washi or painter’s tape. Do not use Scotch tape!
- US Participants: Please include a self addressed envelope with a FOREVER Stamp.
- International Participants: Please send a LARGE, clearly-addressed mailing label. Also include one US Global Forever Stamp or a well hidden US $1.00 bill. I will provide your envelope. Please contact me via PM if you have specific concerns related to international mailing.
- Please allow plenty of mailing time! Be aware that the mails have been inconsistent of late, typical recommended lead times (USA: 2 weeks, INTERNATIONAL: 3-4) may need to be extended.
- Late submissions will be returned to sender, regardless of circumstance.
Important information for village builders…
If you are participating in more than one Haunted Village Swap, you may opt to mail all of your submissions one envelope. But please bear in mind that they will be landing in a small post office box with mail from other participants. So NO giant envies. Your work, or the work of other participants could be damaged if the PO tries to force it into the box. Also, you must still include postage and labelling for EACH swap, as I will be swapping and mailing each swap separately.

Other stuff:
- Please sign up by posting to this thread.
- Please share your finished Haunts in this thread and in the gallery and comment on those you like. Process pics are welcome too!
- Haunted Hosties bring me great joy, but are not required to play.
- Before you mail your Twinchies, please review the media, craftsmanship, and mailing parameters.
- IF a variety of media is submitted to the swap, please expect a variety of media in your returns. I will not be swapping like for like in regard to MEDIA.
- Don’t forget to submit an iTrader for the host (me). Every swap is a learning experience, I welcome feedback in either the iTrader comments section or a PM.
- Please, please, please give rocks/reps to the artists who created your returns, AND let them know what you received.
- Notices of arrival, and thank you notes in the thread are welcome, tho not required.
- Failure to meet the deadline or ANY of the prescribed parameters will result in cards returned to sender, at your expense.


1. Donnacr … received
2. lazyshadows … received … returns received
3. mrubyjean … received … returns received!
4. NancyL … received … returns received
5. leydab … received
6. theweavershand … received
7. jezebelle … that’s me!
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Donnacr it’s good to see you here too, Welcome!
Hello again JavaZ! You better come in, you can lurk in the village square.
Welcome lazyshadows!
I received a tiny house from you in one of my first house-shaped swaps and I love it!
I’m excited to see what you do with this theme.
Among those tiny haunts I collected last year were two slightly wonky and very wonderful Houses of Horrors made by mrubyjean. The first is a Twinchie and the second is a MOO. She said I could share them with you all! Check these out…


Click on the pic for a close up view. Look at all those layers and details. The ghosts and ghouls even have red sparkly eyes that I couldn’t quite capture in the photo.
Excellent! Welcome mrubyjean!

(Oops! I neglected to press “Post” the last time I was here.)
Welcome to the Haunted Village NancyL!
My twinchies are complete...4 to swap and a host haunt!
They are 3" high with the witches hat roofs...and were SO much fun to make!

HV twinchies2.jpg
Hello! I'm lurking in the village. Be careful. I might pop out from any corner!

I see you catladybj, slinking around in the dark alleys, being spooky.
I thought you might like this neighborhood.
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