The New Year New Member Swap - Due March 7, 2024

I just want to say “hi” to all the newbies. I’m an old timer and I don’t qualify under any of the criteria for joining, but I’ll be looking at all the new talent. As the join-by date gets closer, if there are still spaces, I may sneak in - but I don’t want to take up a newbie place. Have fun.
Hello @jo.on.the.go! Thanks for coming to meet the newbies.
Let me know if you want to get in on the action.
I am super excited for this swap 🥰
I am so happy yesterday was my art day anyway and I was able to spend the day on these. I hope whoever gets them, loves them - and please know I will not be offended or want a return if you ever re-swap my ATCs 🤗
Wow @TheFFG, you work fast!
And you’ve already mastered posting your pics to the thread and the gallery.
Thank you for sharing your art and getting this party started.
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@Tess, I’m stoked to hear you breaking the ice with your question.
@LindyLu, I love to see you sharing your experience. Thank you, I’m so glad you joined this swap.

And just to reassure you, in this swap you are welcome to submit various media on separate cards or all on the same card, the choice is entirely yours. But please do remember to “Keep embellishments relatively flat and lightweight, for safe and economical mailing.”

I hope everone will feel free to jump in with their own questions, so we can all learn from each other.

I will be collecting a list of useful links on topics we discuss and AFA trading basics in post #2 of this thread for easy reference.
I still have some cards i would love to trade, so please add me. Can you share your adress already via pm as the mail from here is slow to the USA....?
Swap Due Date: March 7, 2024
Sign up by: February 21, 2024
Withdraw by: anytime, just communicate
Number of ATCs: 3 for 3
Number of Participants: 40
Medium: open media *please read the not-so-fine print

Happy New Year! Welcome New Members!

This swap is for all the New members of ATCs For All.
Who decides just who is New? You do!

If if you recently joined AFA… If you joined AFA years ago but have not traded very many cards yet… If you just returned to AFA after a long absence… If you have been drawing your whole life but just discovered ATCs…. If you have been making ATCs for years but just discovered AFA… If you just picked up a paintbrush, glue stick, camera, needle & thread, etc. for the first time… If you have never joined a swap or made a trade…
If you think this swap is for you… then this swap is for you!

*And if you are just eager to swap with AFA’s newest talent, I might let you sneak in as well.

For this swap you will create 3 original ATCs in any media, in the theme of your choice.


Media Parameters:
(the not-so-fine print)
- Media for this swap is wide open.
- Please note that every ATC submitted for this swap must be an original one-of-a-kind, no copies!
- Handmade prints, photographic and digital cards or components are welcome. But DO NOT repeat or copy cards that you have swapped/traded in the past or plan on replicating for swaps/trades in the future.
- Keep embellishments relatively flat and lightweight, for safe and economical mailing.
- If a variety of media is submitted to the swap, please expect a variety of media in your returns.

Craftsmanship Parameters:
- ATCs must be sturdy, 2.5” x 3.5”, and have tidy edges.
- Cards with loose/unattached bits will not be accepted. Sticky cards will not be accepted.
- Submit your best work. Please send creative and conscientiously crafted ATCs, cards that you would be excited to display or have displayed.
- Label ATCs on the back, include your username and country/state, include other info as you wish.

Mailing Parameters:
- Please send me a “Conversation” requesting my address when you are ready to mail your ATCs.
- Please put each ATC in some form of protection, preferably a plastic card sleeve, but a baggie, paper envie, or even a waxed paper wrap will do.
- Secure your ATCs for shipping using an easy release tape, like washi or painter’s tape. No Scotch tape, seriously, NO Scotch Tape!
- US Participants: Please include a self addressed envelope (preferably business sized) with a FOREVER stamp (68 cents).
- International Participants: Please send a LARGE, clearly-addressed mailing label. Also include one US Global Forever Stamp or a well hidden $2 US. I will provide your envelope. Please contact me via Conversation if you have specific concerns related to international mailing.
- Please allow plenty of mailing time! Be aware that the mails have become slow again, typical recommended lead times (USA: 2 weeks, INTERNATIONAL: 3-4) may need to be extended.
- Late submissions will be returned to sender.

Other stuff:
- Please sign up by posting to this thread.
- Please share your finished Art in this thread and in the gallery and comment on those you like. Process pics are welcome too!
- A host card makes a wonderful gift, but is never required to play.
- Before you mail your ATCs, please review the media, craftsmanship, and mailing parameters.
- Don’t forget to submit Feedback/iTrader for the host. Every swap is a learning experience, I welcome feedback in either the iTrader comments section or a “Conversation”.
- Please, please, please acknowledge the artists who created your returns, and let them know what art you received. You are welcome to do so in the thread or by other means.


1. LindyLu
2. Tess
3. ArtSean329
4. Mountain59
5. TheFFG
6. lathacker
7. les342
8. jo.on.the.go
I would love to participate.
Welcome @Mstufflebeam and @Ellf! Thank you for playing.
And welcome @Jill, who just got here yesterday. I haven’t even had a chance to say hello and you’ve already found this swap!
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Hello @tatntole, I remember seeing you around when you first joined AFA. I’m stoked that you’re ready to get in on the swap action here. Welcome.
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