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The Sweet Tweet Bird Art Doll Swap~Due June 5, 2023


Yaaasss! I got my returns yesterday! I will leave my points now...Thank you "Nan Zhi" for yet again, a top notch swap. Always a good time :yes:

Tweet! Tweet! So happy to hear they are “landing!”
My returns have flown in! Thanks to Tandy, Nanner and CiCiCreates for the birdies, and a big thank you Nanner for hosting! Off to leave YouRocks and iTrader.
My stunning returns have arrived.

Thank you to: Heathermae77 ... CiCiCreates & ... catladybj. All of them are so creative & well done.

A BIG thank you to nanner for being such a wonderful host of a fun & creative swap.

Rocks & iTrader have been posted:)
I love, love your Awesome Chuntney little bird. I am always so delighted to receive one of your art pieces.
I am afraid for what ever reason, I am not being able to say you rock. I want you to know you do Rock!
One flew over the coo coos nest here~
Mega flights to Nanner for hosting the best-ever swaps!
My returns flew in today and Tequila helped them recover.
Giving out the rockers now xo
Awesomely creative sweet tweeters from dina54, Kwailin777 and LCArtist!!! I couldn't be more pleased with my returns!!! Awesome swap, Nanner! Thank you!!!
My birdies flew in Saturday, and they are quite the exotic creatures!
Thank you for a great swap, Nan! Thank you for the pretty little bird stuffy!
My beautiful birdies were created by CiCi, Heathermae &LindyLou. Thank you ladies!
You are all so very welcome! Just waiting on our last couple of returns to be received, and then we go to the...sigh...swap archive. Always a little sad for me at the end of a wonderful swap.
Thank you all for a wonderful swap. Hope to see you at the next one! ;)
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