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The Sweet Tweet Bird Art Doll Swap~Due June 5, 2023

This Quetzal bird is made of Fimo clay, with rayon embroidery floss for head-feathers, rhinestones on wing tips, and sequins (didn't photograph well) on bib feathers.
Another sweet beauty. Bravo, CiCi!
Thank you for all the kind kudos! Allergies have slowed me down for the next two...but I've got them pictured in my head. :)
Essy's beautiful birdies have flown in! They are so lovely. Thank you so very much for extra piece. :wubclub:
Mail Cawwwwl! Sweet Tweet's have arrived from both Wildholly and LindyLu! Outstanding work, dearies!

Thank you both so very much for the extra goodies. :notworthy:
My birds finally flew the coop Friday.
So they are winging their way to California. I wish I could post pictures but I've had no luck. I had my daughter take pictures with her phone and send them to me; I tried with those but the site always says my photos are too large.
Nan, if you want to take a shot at taking pictures and posting them I have no problem with that. But I don't expect you to.
I have not felt very well the last few weeks, I got a pretty bad cat bite, which is mostly healed up, tho still swollen a bit. Misty did not want to take a bath.
The Doc put me on two antibiotics because it got infected, and I'm still suffering side effects from them. But I'm okay, just plodding on! : )
Ain't Life grand!?!
Thanks for the update, Bonnie. I'll let you know when your birds land. Hope you feel better soon. :wubclub:
Bonnie, your sweet tweets have fluttered in safely. I appreciate the extra piece. Thank you!
Hey, all. We're entering our last few weeks of swappy swap time. There's still plenty of time to make and send your art, but I just wanted to touch base with this gentle reminder. This will need to be an on-time swap, so please plan accordingly.

Thanks for the reminder, nanner! My birdies are nearly done. If all goes according to plan, I'll have them flying on their way to you tomorrow.
Darling birds, I love that cute shape! They look like colorful wrens, with those up-tilted tails.
They are color-FULL and adorbs, Helen! Great work. :D
Helen, your "SQWAK, pretty birds...sqwak" are here! Thank you so very much for the keepsake piece. :wubclub:
Working on my last bird. Thought I'd have 2 done yesterday, but my eye's just get so tired. Gah! Will mail them out tomorrow :yes:
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