Use It Again! Due Date-July 21


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Aug 7, 2008
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Due date-Friday July 21st
Number of cards- 3 for 3 or 6 for 6
Number of players- unlimited
Technique- Collage

The challenge here is to reuse materials. Suggestions are stamps from mailed envelopes,
insides or outside of mailed envelopes,
cardboard from boxes of cereal, tea, art materials, tissue, food,
junk mail,
calendars from a previous year,
pages from old and /or foreign books,
tags from clothing, toys, veggies,
words or images from a magazine that you've read,

These are not all the choices of materials, just the ones I could think of.
You are NOT using new material or unused ones.

Remember to cut or tear your materials into pieces for your Use It Again collage.

An option is to add rubber stamped images, or paint, or ink. Not necessary.

Mailing information-
Everyone, please send a piece of paper or label with your mailing address.

US players-send along 1 or 2 forever stamps

International players-I can cover your postage.

I will provide envelopes for everyone.

Remember if your cards appear to have new materials, they will be returned to you.
Cards need to be 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.
Cards need to be sent in sleeves.

Who is ready to make collaged ATCS from recycled stuff?

1. Me
2. Allegrae
3. CynthiaSillitoe
4. leydab
5. chimerix
6. dsign49
7. Cleopatra
9. Pamitha
10. Katie-kins
11. mybrokenart
12. dmkotcher
14. kkwarth
15. catladybj
16. Joellie
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Yes. Junk mail is in my suggestions. But remember to collage your items.
Adding you, chimerix. I love living in Oregon but I miss the warmth of the tropical sun and having warm rain.
Are items rec'd from previous trash to treasure swaps acceptable?
I save scraps of paper from other things, like if I have a particular piece of paper and I cut it to ATC size and then I have a piece left over, is it acceptable to use those? because those would probably look new.
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I think the items used have to be ones that you are reusing. So items from previous swaps, or T 2 T swaps would not work.

This reminds me of word problems in math and I never liked those. I felt there must be a trick somewhere.
Part of the paper was used for an ATC. The rest of the paper was saved but not used for anything. So if you use that paper, it would be its first use.
NOTE..On Sunday afternoon of June 4th, we are leaving for a road trip. will be back on thursday the 8th. I will not have online access.
Mine are done and ready to send out. This was a great fun challenge!

So I pulled a "ripe" sticker off a melon and thought, I can use this! Off the lurkers couch; please sign me up!
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