What's With Washi?; due March 31st


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Aug 7, 2008
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Due date:Friday March 31st
Number of players:unlimited
Number of cards:3 for 3
Media:Open but every card must have washi tape

I love buying washi tape. So many different kinds and designs and sizes. However, I am limited with how to use it. I most often use it to seal an envelope. But I know there are other ways to use it.
Your task is to make 3 ATCs, each with a different way of using washi tape.

Mailing information: Everyone should send a piece of paper or a label with your mailing address. And I will provide envelopes for everyone.

US players:send along a forever stamp. Make sure stamp is on original backing & has a bit of an edge beyond border.
International players:I can cover your postage.

Who is ready to display 3 ways to use washi tape on ATCs?

1. Me
2. Katiea707
3. CynthiaSillitoe
4. Donnacr
5. Allegrae
6. Tafkabecky
7. Globug
8. Arc2dreams
9. An. M. Sudyka
10. Asher
11. leydab
12. stacy
13. Colormetheworld- arrived April 4th
14. Bishopsmate-arrived april 4th
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Adding you both. How much is too much? I think washi is like books. Can't have too many.
Nancy, can you clarify "Your task is to make 3 ATCs, each with a different way of using washi tape." When you say different way, can you give some examples (other than applying tape to card)?
Of course, all 3 cards will have washi tape. Will you use it as a border? Will you use it as part of the design?

You cannot use washi as a border for all 3 cards. You have to think of different ways to use the washi. I don't know all the ways you can use it. That is why I am doing this swap.

I am hoping that as players make their cards, they will post them on this swap thread.
Originally I only had 3 ideas which is why you all get to make 3 cards. But another way would be to use the easiness of peeling it off. You could put a secret message under some and then it would be peeled off to reveal.
2 envelopes with washi ATCs arrived yesterday. One from Katiea707 and one from An. M. Sudyka. thank you both for the extra cards. I know one of you also sent some washi tape to play with. Unfortunately that is in a special place which I have to locate.
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