What's With Washi?; due March 31st

I used to shop at Collage even before we moved to Oregon. Now Portland is our closest big city. but we try to avoid driving there because of traffic. But Collage does have great stuff. A good variety of rummber stamps, too.
I've scheduled a couple of trips so that I would stay overnight in Portland in part because it's easier for me to do two short flights, energy-wise, than one long one, but also so I can Uber to Collage. :jiggy:

There may be stores like that in Utah, but not near me. We don't even have anything like Dick Blick. If I can't find it at Michaels or Office Max, I have to go online.
But going online, you aren't exposed to anyone who happens to be sick. You don't have to wait in line. You don't have to walk around to spend your money. You can go broke, just sitting in one spot.
There is a store I stumbled upon when I went to visit friends in south Florida called Everything Scrapbook and Stamps. OMG, the owner is so sweet and she carries things that I haven't seen anywhere else. Lots of mix media stuff. The website is https://everythingmixedmedia.com/
We are having snow here. It must have snowed all last night. I went out this morning to knock snow off the bird feeders and to refill them with seeds. the dog will go out for short periods to romp the snow. She doesn't have an undercoat, just one thin layer of short hair.
Also have wind which is blowing snow off the house roofs. And our outdoor temp is at 28. It was 27 this am.
We are not going outside much. He looked for the newspaper this am but it wasn't there. I have a letter to mail but that might happen tomorrow. The dog goes out for short periods. She is a dog who does not have an undercoat. Just the overcoat with very short hair.
Stacy, your cards arrived. thanks for the extra card and all the little bib and bobs of things for this swap and the HB one.
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