What's With Washi?; due March 31st

We are visiting our WA granddaughters later this month. They always expect an art activity from me. I'm taking washi tape and some examples of different ways to use it. It will be refreshing to not have a messy activity. And the girls got old---15 and 17.
I'm playing with washi and napkins. They can work really well together. Especially the transparent washi tapes. And I can make cards for 2 different swaps!
Nancy, tomorrow I'll scan what I have so far and see if you think they're each distinctive enough. (Maybe I'm overthinking that.)
Now I'll post these in the right thread...

Andy is an entire washi tape background.

Frida, I used a diagonal pattern of tape (which I actually bought at the dollar store.

Abstract Sun, I cut strips of washi tape.

Dawn has borders, but also the circles are punched out of washi.


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great! I think washi is kind of like coloring..easy to become addicted. Cmcarli came over this morning for a chat (we each live in households with one other person. It is refreshing to talk to a completely different person. And I showed her some things she could do with washi.
Donnacr, your cards are here. thanks for the extra. Not sure when they arrived but I saw your envelope when I put away Asher's cards.
Hi Nancy
I thought that I had signed up for this swap but I can't find the post. Please could you sign me up as I posted my cards yesterday first class.
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I have used Washi Paper sheets and Washi tape. I was soooo enjoying my little self creating I ended up with quite a few!! I hope you like the ones I have selected.
The cards are swapped and in a mail collection box and are expected to leave around noon.

Before they come, you will each be getting your envelope of party favors. I chose art materials that I have used in the past.
Mine arrived today. Thanks to NancyL for hosting! I received wonderful cards from NancyL, An M. Sudyka, and Arc2Dreams--thanks!
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