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WHIMSICAL BIRDS, handdrawn/handpainted ATC Swap, Due Sept. 29

Cards have arrived from 14CarrotGold, thanks so much for the extra card. The art is really cute and fun for this swap, thanks everyone so far!
A little bird told me…..just a reminder, we have 2 weeks till the due date! The early bird catches the worm (or the ATC returns). There is certainly more time, just keep an eagle eye on the dates.
Wonderful sets have been received from LuAnnP, mybrokenart, and YumYumTastyRocks. Thanks to all for an extra card!
Locatray, your whimsical birds have flown in! Due date is the 29th, this Friday. I am hoping the birds from Greece can make it by then.
Hi Everyone! There is a lot of wonderful art on this theme, and it is interesting to see some various interpretations of what “whimsy” means to you. I think you should all be happy with your returns, I will do my best to please. Our due date has come and gone, and everyone’s cards are here but Lazyshadows. I know she mailed about 4 weeks ago. So she is definitely not at fault. The postal services must be so frustrating in their unpredictability for our International members! If no one has serious objections, I would like to wait till my mail arrives on Wednesday to see if her cards come. Then after Wednesday, I will be swapping out, either way. Your patience is appreciated!
I'm fine with waiting as long as you need to, CiCiCreates; we leave for Europe one week from today so I won't be seeing my returns until we get back at the end of October anyway.
I am so very sorry to report that cards from Greece have not been received yet. I am nervous and a little agitated about a medical procedure I am having on Friday morning (nerve block, leading up to ablation), so would prefer to swap out after that, probably Friday evening. So if the cards do arrive on Thursday or Friday, they will be included in the swap. Just trying to keep everyone informed.
I'm sorry CiCi, I wish you all the best on your medical procedure. Please, take your time on swapping out the cards. I'm in no hurry and possibly lazyshadows cards will have arrived.
Cicicreates, I have had those same procedures done, the Abliation helped me about 70% i.would recommend it. I had 3 nerve blocks done but those not so much, praying for you dear friend.
CiCi, we're all thinking of you and wishing you well. xo
Lazy, I hope your cards arrive b/c your art is always awesome.
I have no problems waiting either. Do what works best, C!
Thanks everyone, for all the well wishes! Pretty quick procedure, and I was sedated and didn’t even realize it was all over! Lazyshadows’ cards have not arrived, so I have just swapped everyone’s out, they will go in the mail on Monday. If Lazyshadows’ cards ever do arrive, I plan to send her a whimsical bird ATC, and I would invite anyone else who might want to do this to PM me please, and I will keep you informed. These cards all turned out so cute! I am taking a group picture of all my host cards to post here tomorrow. Thanks again for your patience and understanding!
Do take a look at all your birdies in the gallery, I couldn't get it to upload here on the thread for some reason.
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